17 Of The Most Besharam Comments On This Innocent Photograph Of Sana Bucha And Darren Sammy

By Aam Nawab | 27 Feb, 2018

Okay so people take pictures together all the time. Literally all the time. And sometimes celebrities also put up pictures on social media. And just sometimes, when they put those pictures up on social media people say all sorts of things. Sometimes they are downright offensive, and sometimes they make no sense. But sometimes, you guys go full crazy.


Something similar happened when this image of Sana Bucha and Darren Sammy surfaced on the Internet

Source: @allpakistandramapage / Facebook


Like it is every time, we saw the comments underneath these pictures by you guys, and might we say, y’all need help…we witnessed the most tharki comments we’ve read in a while, so we thought we would compile them to make things easier for you guys.  So here they are, just some of the gems that we found lurking in the comments section


1. You guys are such stars you didn’t let us down with your comments like this gem


2. And this piece of actual wisdom


3. One thing that came up again and again…


4. Almost (not very) subtle references…


5. Hey, we thought that was about Lahore


6. Whatever floats your boat, unkind sir


7. Yuucckkkkkk


8. Her preference in flavor was also brought into the spotlight


9. And people kept adding to it


10. Whoever understands this, please let us know, too


11. M.A.T.U.R.I.T.Y


12. Wait, who was it before Sana?


13. Sorry Sammy, our thoughts are with you


14. Whatever you’re into is okay with us, but we really don’t think Sana Bucha and Darren Sammy are up to what you think they’re up to


15. Or maybe don’t…


16. Where has a news channel come in from, all of a sudden?


17. We leave you with this utter gem, something you should also always use with bae, you know, for whenever you wanna get it on, Marvin Gaye style?


With everything said and done, first of all, thank you for the entertainment. But also, do you guys HAVE to comment on every single picture that every single celebrity puts up? Like, every single one of them? Soch ker bataiyay ga…okay byeeee ~



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