I Asked My MangoBaaz Coworkers To Draw Their Favorite Childhood Memories And Wow, Nostalgia

By Kashaf | 27 Feb, 2018

Ah childhood. How we miss you.

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If you look back to the glory years from being an infant to a teenager, you’ll probably have some mixed memories. No matter how terrible or amazing your childhood was, you’ll surely have a few memories that you’ll cherish forever. So if you need a break from adulting, keep reading to give your inner child the chance to run loose.


1. Amar


2. Alveena


3. Shah


4. Daniyal


5. Yasser


6. Biya


7. Saad


8. Sarah


9. Shayan


10. Iman


11. Ali Gul


12. Aun


13. Abdul Rehman


What was your favorite part of your childhood? Draw it out and comment below!


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