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Sahir Lodhi Just Hit Back At His Movie’s Haters And He Looks Seriously Pissed At Them

Sahir Lodhi Just Hit Back At His Movie’s Haters And He Looks Seriously Pissed At Them

Sahir Lodhi has been in the news for one thing or the other, for a while, now. Whether it’s his comparisons to Shahrukh Khan or his latest film: Raasta. While the film didn’t do well at the box office, it was all over Twitter in Pakistan.


Understandably, given the amount of hate the poor soul receives otherwise, people weren’t very nice about him or his film on social media.


Sahir wasn’t going to take any of this so he has called out his haters in a televised speech

Two people, in particular, irked the life of out Sahir and he decided to hold a whole press conference, calling them out.

Source: News One PK


Yes, what these two said did cross a certain line, when it comes to being elitist.

But for Sahir to call them out by name and pick on them as individuals was also toeing the same line. Basically, they were talking about how a certain class of people (those that go to Bambino) would only go and watch the film and those that go to Nueplex Cinema won’t bother with watching it.

Source: News One PK

This led to Sahir instigating everyone who watched his press conference by telling them that the two men are calling every single Pakistani citizen cheap. When the tweet only said ‘Cheap stars, cheap fans’.


All this led people to comment about Sahir stooping to level of his critics


Someone also said what some minds may have already been thinking

I’m not really sure whether to sympathize with Sahir for the fact that he’s getting so much hate on a public platform, or whether to be annoyed with the fact that he’s a celebrity and he needs to get used to people criticizing his work. While this works with every other celebrity out there, as well, if you’ve put your work and your art out there for the public to see, you need to prepared for the fact that there will be hate coming your way and that there will be people saying shit about you. You just need to take everything with a pinch of salt.


However, that’s just my opinion. If yours differs with mine, let me know in the comments below and let’s sort this out.

You can also watch the whole press conference and decide for yourself:


Cover image via: News One PK

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