If You Do At Least 8 Out Of 11 Of These Things, You're A Sacha Pakistani

By Sajeer Shaikh | 28 Jan, 2018

We all think we’re patriotic, but the best of us need a scale to measure ourselves by. Which is why we have the Sacha Pakistani test right here. Want to know where you stand? Well, if you’ve do most of the following, you should be good:

1. Be a little nicer to those around you.

The world is already a hostile place. It doesn’t hurt to resolve to be nicer to the people around you. After all, you never know. Your kindness could go a long way in making someone’s day that much better.

2. Go easy on the judgments.

Honestly, don’t you think being judgmental is kinda sorta the root of countless evils? You essentially place yourself on a higher moral ground than someone else and look down on them for their choices or actions. It may start as a day-to-day thing, but it usually escalates into something greater. Pointless judgments are an evil we must rid our society of.

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3. Speak up when you see any form of injustice.

It can be the smallest thing you see when you’re minding your own business. Maybe you see someone picking on someone else at work or in university. Perhaps, you see someone being harassed. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but it builds character for sure. And it always starts with one person.

4. Try to use public transport as often as you can.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Why does this random writer from MangoBaaz care about how you travel, right? See, simple baat hai. We care about the environment. And while we’re trying to get you guys to read about the problems our planet is facing, we also want to present solutions.

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5. Carpool more often.

If you’re not comfortable using public transport, you can always cut down on fuel usage and harmful gas emission by carpooling.

See, solutions are everywhere.

6. Try to plant as many trees as you can.

Because hum ne environment ko kaafi fuck kardia hai, it’s also our responsibility to take the necessary steps to undo some of this damage. One of the ways in which we can do this is by actively planting trees. You may just be one person, but you’ll be making a HUGE difference.

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7. Sponsor a child’s education.

There are countless programs that take a small amount as a donation which allows you to pay for a child’s education for that academic year. Just think about how great that’ll feel. Not only will you be taking a highly selfless step, you’ll also be a catalyst in furthering a child’s education. How wonderful is that, truly?

8. Look out for those around you.

People go through stuff all the time. While they may not outwardly say it, a little help goes a long way. Moreover, if you see someone facing some sort of a problem, it never really hurts to help, does it?

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9. Be more accepting.

People are difficult to figure out. And no two people are the same. Sure, some people may not share the same belief or perspective. But maybe this year, we could try to respect them for who they are. Again, looping this back to not being judgmental – there’s too much animosity already. Let’s try to do our best and cut back on that.

10. Be a good listener.

Sometimes, all people need is a shoulder to cry on. Be that shoulder.

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11. Learn how to empathize with others by being aware of what they’re going through. 

Being aware of the plight of others and understanding it fully is what paves the way for empathy. And we all know how imperative empathy is in today’s world. So, this year, let’s incorporate more of it in our lives. The difference will surely be worth noting.

Did we miss anything? If we did, let us know in the comments.

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