Saba Qamar Opened Up About THAT Wardrobe Malfunction Controversy And Honestly, What A Queen

By Noor | 22 Sep, 2019

Saba Qamar addressed the wardrobe malfunction controversy on The Munshi Show.

Saba Qamar is a stunner by ALL means. Her acting skills and her diverse roles have rightly earned her the title of the most versatile actress that we have in the entertainment industry. Her recent interview for The Munshi Show has given us all the reasons to fall in love with her again.

The actress started off by talking about this new, bolder version of herself 

In Saba’s words, “Change chaheye life main bore ho jata hai na insan. I am an Aries, so I get bored easily, aik jaisa aik jaisa tau mainay socha kuch alag kiya jaye.” She further added that she wants to explore herself and this version of her is actually a product of her journey of exploring herself.

Source: Galaxy Lollywood/YouTube

While talking about her performance at the LSA awards, Saba said her experience made her more confident

She said, “Mainay parwah karni chorr di hai, ab mujhay farq nahe parta.”

Source: Galaxy Lollywood/YouTube

Upon being asked about her terms with Mahira Khan, Saba revealed that they are not friends but there’s NO ongoing tussle between the two, as suggested by some rumors

Source: Galaxy Lollywood/YouTube

Saba also addressed her wardrobe malfunction during the HUM Awards, when she was performing with Zahid Ahmed.

The actress asserted that it’s stupid that a few people are referring to that as a publicity stunt.

Saba also explained the entire story behind the leaked pictures of the photoshoot and went on to express her feelings by saying, “Farq parta hai, bura lagta hai lekin you cannot change the world, but you can change yourself.”

She said that her final reaction to this controversy was, “Bhar main jao, dafa karo, next.”

Source: Galaxy Lollywood/YouTube

Upon being asked about her upcoming projects, the actress revealed that she’s doing a film but she did not want to share the details right away

She also mentioned her upcoming web show with Noman Ijaz and further revealed that it’s an extremely bold topic but this is being done to raise awareness.

Source: Galaxy Lollywood/YouTube

While talking about the celebrity ban by India in reference to the sequel of her film ‘Hindi Medium’ and the growing tensions between the two neighboring states, Saba said, ” Khoon yahan bahay, khoon wahan bahay, takleef tau aik jitni hoti hai na.”

Source: Galaxy Lollywood/YouTube

Saba also stated that her break up in 2011 has made her a better person and has, in reality, accelerated her learning process

She expressed gratitude to her yoga instructor who taught her a lot. The actress responded to rumors of her getting married to Arslan Faisal by saying that he’s like a brother to her.

She further revealed that for now, she’s single and is not committed to anyone. The actress boldly presented her views on the ideal relationship by stating that there should be mutual respect and there should be some peace of mind for both individuals.

Source: Galaxy Lollywood/YouTube

Have you seen the interview yet? Watch it here:


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Cover image via: Galaxy Lollywood / YouTube

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