15 Times Saba Qamar Made You Go ‘Haye Mein Sadqey Jaoun'

By Sarah Babar | 18 Sep, 2017

Saba Qamar is one of the biggest talents we have in the country. She’s an actor par excellence, she stands for what she believes in and she looks like an absolute dream while she’s at it. She’s always taken a stand for her beliefs, she’s proven to be a big risk-taker in terms of the projects that she’s chosen, and she definitely goes ahead with what she believes in, regardless of any and all repercussions. Today, we celebrate the sheer talent powerhouse that Saba is. So here are just a few times Saba absolutely slayed our entire existence.


1. Can we start off with her latest Instagram post? Cuz wow…


2۔ When she slayed at the gym, giving us all fitness goals

Your only limit is you. #sabaqamar @nabeelnasirkhan @convert.fitness.atelier #workout #fitnessfreak

A post shared by Saba Qamar (@sabaqamarzaman) on


3. When you couldn’t help but say MashaAllah at the sheer beauty

Surprise yourself.

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4. When she looked absolutely ~flawless~ with her crimped hair


5. When she was a force to reckon with as Fouzia Batool in ‘Baaghi’


6. When she made you want to become her coolie


7. When she proved you don’t have to be glammed up to look amazing, in her Bollywood debut: ‘Hindi Medium’

Source: Maddock Films


8. When she proved she was on the top of the acting pyramid in Lahore Se Aagey

Source: ARY Films


9۔ And on top of the dancing food chain, too

Source: ARY Films


10. When she just looked ethereal in the Vogue India photoshoot

Source: Vogue India


11. When she proved she can basically pull off any role in Digest Writer

Source: HUM Tv


12. When she rocked out in leather on the streets of New York

You have the capacity to choose. Choose life! Choose love! Choose health! Choose happiness!

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13. And when, for the first time ever, we actually could take our eyes off of Osman Khalid Butt (sorry Obi)


14. When she proved she could pull off both desi clothes

Your eyes show the strength of your soul.

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15. And valayti


Basically, all we want to say is that Saba Qamar is one of the best things to have happened to the Pakistani media industry, and we absolutely cannot wait to see more of her on our screens. What’s your favorite Saba moment?

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