This Is For Everyone Who Can Eat Garma Garam Roti All Day Every Day

By Haadia Paracha | 19 Nov, 2016

Earlier, we pitted chaawal against roti and boy oh boy did everybody get excited. And a little…mean. As a foodie, you are perpetually thrilled by all the food that is yet to be had. And truth be told, roti has a very special place in every Pakistani’s heart.

And since we’re living in a relatively free country, let’s also give the roti lovers a voice. This one’s for YOU:


Chahay jo bhi hojaaye, roti and especially garam chapati will always be your bae.


Granted, there’s some struggle involved.

source: topwithcinnamon
source: topwithcinnamon


And things can get a little…tricky.

But hey, good things come to those who persevere, right?


Make sure you roll that pin right.


And if that’s not part of your life plan, here’s one invention every desi household needs.

Source: Giphy


When you get home and smell the home-cooked saalan with that muffled sounds of some roti flippin’.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr


And your stomach goes in knots.

Source: makeagif
Source: makeagif


You wish your khaansama would hurry it up already.


You really appreciate people who have mad skills, y’know?


And roti can really be your favorite play-thing sometimes.

Look at these crazy cool rotiwalas.


That feel-good moment when you spread some butter as it drizzles all over.

And whisper, “you’ll always be my first”


All your worries slowly seem to fade into nothingness as you look at that plate full of mutton karahi with yours truly.

Source: Flikr
Source: Flikr


And guess what goes best with chicken ka saalan?

You know what.

Source: BBC
Source: BBC


HAAAAAAAAAAVE you tried mixed sabzi with piping hot chapatis?

Or bhindi masala? If not, YOU’RE MISSING OUT.


Bet the daal would be very happy to have some roti accompanying it right now



Also see: Here’s Why Daal Chawal Is Pakistan’s Best Kept Secret From The World


Makai ki roti with saag is a classic: A lunch of royals!

Source: scrumptiousindianrecipes


The time when you’re left with just a little curry and you run out of roti.

Yep. We’ve all been there.

Source: Craftsy
Source: Craftsy


Which makes you wish you had a bigger supply:

Also see: This is How the Biggest Roti in the World is Made


And not to forget, the signals ‘breaking bread’ sends to your crush.

Because it takes a whole lot of serious relationshipy stuff to be able to start messy eating on a date.

Source: Quickmeme


I don’t know about you but I’m definitely getting some of this RN.

Allah ka karam hay, chapati garama garam hay.

Source: Tumblr


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