Roads In Karachi Are Blocked In Preparation For PSL Final But Karachiites Are Freaking The Fuck Out

By Ather Ahmed | 11 Feb, 2018

The PSL Final is causing a lot of trouble to the people of Karachi this Sunday with many waking up to lots of traffic, chaos and blockade on the streets.


So all the roads in Karachi leading to National Stadium have been blocked all of a sudden today

Considering that amount of VIP movements that take place in the city, people naturally assumed that this was the case. However turns out it is something totally different.


People woke up to the blockade on many roads and were immediately worried about the state of the city’s traffic


Roads have been blocked as part of security drill for the upcoming PSL final that will be played in Karachi


The final, which is scheduled to take place in March 2018,  is the first time in over nine years that a match with international players is being played in Karachi.

Due to security concerns, international cricket is hardly played in Pakistan but last year’s PSL final was being played in Lahore and a lot of international players backed out at the last minute due to security concerns. There were a series of bombings throughout the nation in the days leading up to the final.  Four of Quetta’s overseas players chose to opt out, including Kevin Pietersen, the team’s icon player who was their first selection in the 2016 Pakistan Super League players draft.

But in the end, the final itself was conducted in relative safety.


People of Karachi are divided over having to go through the whole ordeal for preparation of the PSL event.

Some were frustrated that everything was blocked just because of a cricket match

Source: Halaat Updates Via Facebook
Source: Halaat Updates Via Facebook
Source: Halaat Updates Via Facebook
Source: Halaat Updates Via Facebook


Meanwhile, others were glad that cricket was finally back in Karachi

Source: Halaat Updates Via Facebook
Source: Halaat Updates Via Facebook


Many are also acting out to help others divert their journeys to roads that may be less clogged


Are you excited for the PSL or are perturbed with the event prep? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.


Cover image via: Shery Syed‎ / Facebook

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