This WhatsApp Rishta Message Asking Girls To Quit Their Jobs Has Sparked Outrage

By Momina Mindeel | 25 Sep, 2017

We have all heard rishta nightmare stories every now and then. Apart from the jaw-droppingly long demand lists, the prospective nightmare in-laws want ‘fair, tall and educated’ bahus who they don’t even want to work after shaadi because a woman needs to stay at home and take care of her kids and her husband.  Unfortunately, most of the time, these demands are eventually met because achay rishtay bar bar nai milatay and  larki ko kab tak ghar bitha kar rakhain gay.


Recently, the screenshot of a rishta requirement message has sparked quite a debate for its unrealistic demands 

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan / Facebook


Now, let’s break down the message step by step. The larka walas are looking for a girl

a) who should be a graduate from one of the top-notch universities of the country but they don’t want her to work so like the education is for bragging purposes only, I guess. Well, fair enough. Saying my bahu is a doctor/MBA who’s now handling the kitchen and kids sounds super duper fancy so yeah, we totally get you

b) who should be slim and fair and should also be a regular gym goer. Khoobsurt nazuk khatoon over a working lady any day

c) who should belong to a good, educated khandan, have all the wealth in the world, be the best cook and the best mum ever etc. etc.


The message riled up quite a lot of Pakistanis and they flocked to the social media page that had shared it to show their outrage 

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan / Facebook


They pointed out the fallacies in the message

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan / Facebook


Women started sharing their own nightmare rishta stories 

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan / Facebook


Actual rishta aunties jumped in with some insight

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan / Facebook


However, some men also thought that there was nothing wrong in being straightforward with your demands

Well, no surprises there lol but khair let’s not generalize.

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan / Facebook


Some found it nothing but a laugh worthy notion 

Which it is but honestly, it’s as real as it can get, at the same time.

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan / Facecbook


While some resorted to calling it nothing but a defense mechanism on account of this patriarchal society

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan / Facebook


What do you guys think about the message?


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