Rehman Malik Just Asked The Internet For Iqbal Masih's Contact. Iqbal Passed Away 25 Years Ago

By Rameeza Ahmad | 20 Apr, 2020

Senator Rehman Malik really doesn’t know Iqbal Masih

Pakistani politicians are quick to come forward at moments that will allow them to gain some spotlight. Something similar happened with the famous Senator Rehman Malik but it quickly turned into comedy gold.


Senator Rehman Malik asked for the contact of Iqbal Masih, a human rights activist, in an attempt to probably show his generosity

But the attempt to show benevolence quickly backfired and made for rather dark comedy in these dark times.


The problem with Rehman Malik’s statement was that Iqbal Masih passed away about 25 years ago

And people couldn’t believe that the Senator made such a mistake…


Many were shocked at the Senator Rehman Malik’s cluelessness because the story of Iqbal’s activism is generally pretty famous


Others lost hope in Rehman Malik’s party

Honestly, the Senator made a pretty silly mistake. Iqbal Masih’s story is relatively well known especially by those who are in the same age demographic as Rehman Malik. Him not knowing about such incidents is one thing but blindly asking for details without verifying facts is just… carelessness.

He could have merely looked at the replies to the tweet where people paid tribute to the young activist and expressed sorrow at his early passing. But nope, clearly someone wanted to be looked at as a hero. Unfortunately, the attempt backfired. Big time.

This isn’t the first time Senator Rehman Malik has embarrassed himself on Twitter and to be honest, it probably isn’t the last time either. But let’s see what excuse he comes up with this time.


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Cover Image Source: @senrehmanmalik via Twitter / via Pinterest

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