Reham Khan Is Getting Trolled For Her Comments About The Budget After Imran Announced Plans To Save Money

By Noor | 27 Aug, 2018

If you follow Reham Khan on twitter then you might have a clear idea about how her recent tweets have been triggering the PTI supporters everywhere. This being said, The lady is again in news.


Reham has found herself at the center of yet another trolling fiasco after her latest comments about Imran Khan

She tweeted about the budget for the year 2018-19 and alleged that the recently announced austerity measures that Imran Khan had announced in his speech after becoming the Prime Minister were actually nothing but a political stunt. Naturally,



So basically, she shared a tweet and jokes that she could offer some help for the basic mathematic calculations

It appears that she is implying that these numbers are an increase from previous year’s budget and not as much of a “saving” as was claimed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, recently. But we won’t know exactly what she implied unless she explains herself.


While we couldn’t really spot the error in the calculations but people got REALLY offended and the reactions were pretty cruel


Like this one who just couldn’t hold back in trolling Reham’s personal life


There were lots of actual math aficionados coming at her with their calculations


A few said that she was just jealous



People just couldn’t stop


Some even advised her to move on



This dude has an interesting observation regarding Ms. Khan’s tweet


Let us know in the comments that what do you have to say about this.


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