11 Guilt-Free Things You Can Snack On To Satisfy Your Bhook Between Meals

By Noor | 27 Aug, 2018

You start your day without breakfast because you are too lazy to make it or you wake up too late, right? Healthy eating kon karey?

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Or you rush to the office or your university without having breakfast and then munch on all the unhealthy stuff before your lunchtime, haina?

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Before telling you more about breaking the routine, let’s remember this: never skip breakfast.

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So, to do some guilt-free healthy eating between your meals here are all the (relatively) healthy things you should be treating your tummy to:

1. Almonds

Almonds will help you to suppress your hunger and they promote weight loss. As log as you don’t go overboard, though.

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2. Energy bars

Use the energy bars with fruits and nuts. Avoid the ones with sugar. Also, make sure you’re reading the ingredients. Sometimes, energy bars can be worse than actual candy bars. Go for the ones that are made with ingredients you know and aren’t incorporating anything that adds on to the pounds.

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3. Frozen yogurt

You can have this too. It’s pretty great. Again, go easy, though. Cheeni har jagah hoti hai.

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4. Dark chocolate

It will boost your energy levels and is relatively healthier as compared to normal chocolates.

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5. Black chickpeas (Kala channa)

They have many benefits. They help you lose weight and regulate your blood sugar level and cholesterol level.

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6. Fruit salad

You can have a mix of all your favorite fruits. Just don’t add anything like sugar or cream in it. Fruits do the trick anyway!

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7. A handful of peanuts

They are healthy for the brain and are a good source of protein.

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8. Dried figs

They will control your hunger and relieve constipation too.

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9. Cucumber salad 

This will kill your hunger, keep you hydrated and give you fresh skin.

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10. A slice of brown bread

I know it sounds boring but it is better than junk food. You can apply some organic peanut butter too.

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11. Popcorn

Just add a pinch of salt to the popcorns and they are ready to eat. Try NOT to eat the flavored ones.

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We really hope that these suggestions were helpful and if you have more suggestions for healthy snacks then let us know in the comments below.


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