Reham Khan Is Back At It And This Time, With A Show On Facebook

By Rameeza Ahmad | 19 Sep, 2018

At this point, we all know who Reham Khan is.

Source: Images Dawn

She happens to be the notorious ex-wife of Pakistan newly elected Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

And now that her ex, Imran Khan has actually won the election, Reham is making sure everyone knows she does not approve of this and is adamant on showing everyone Imran Khan’s reality. She even wrote and released a self-titled book right before the elections, with which she aimed to expose the PTI chief and other party leaders.

In the book, she even talked about how she left her lucrative job as a television show host after marrying Imran Khan and after her divorce, she was all but persona non grata, which meant no one really wanted to hire her. Latest updates about Reham Khan’s whereabouts showed that she was back in the United Kingdom.

But since she does not have a show of her own, being a woman with an aim, instead of letting this get in her way, she has decided to launch her own show on Facebook Live. And she first teased it with a tease.

The show is called 440 Volts with Reham Khan.

Gepostet von Reham Khan am Montag, 17. September 2018



Last night was the premiere of her first episode. In the episode, Reham is sitting on a couch and talking to the camera. She starts off with a few lines from a poem, foreshadowing the topic of her show which was basically her talking about PTI’s failings in the few days they have now been in government.

She talked about how if anyone publicly even mentioned her name, they would get in a lot of trouble.

Citing Asma Sherazi in particular for how her character was assassinated following her interview with Reham Khan.

In the first episode, she talks about how PTI is failing and Naya Pakistan is not exactly what it was promised us to be. She cites the decision by the government to yield to pressure and remove Atif Mian from the Economic Advisory Council.

Gepostet von Reham Khan am Montag, 17. September 2018

The reason she says she has even started her show is to basically talk about how the government is doing in terms of meeting its goals and promises and criticize every mistake they make.

But a lot of people seem to be dismissing the show because they still view her as a bitter ex.

Source: Reham Khan Official via Facebook

But there were some who appreciated Reham.

Source: Reham Khan Official via Facebook

And some were just tharki

Source: Reham Khan Official via Facebook

There is no doubt that Reham’s show will catch peoples’ attention. And of course, like she aims she might ruffle a few feathers. Especially if she continues to drop bombs like those she dropped in her book.

What do you think about Reham Khans starting her own show? Let us know in the comments.

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Cover Image Source: Reham Khan Official via Facebook

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