Reham Khan Has Finally Responded After Her Very Explicit Interview With Waqar Zaka Went Viral

By Maryam Khalid | 19 May, 2020

Reham Khan responded after her interview with Waqar Zaka went viral

We were pretty much bored in our quarantined routines until Waqar Zaka leaped in. He interviewed the controversy queen Reham Khan, and the phuppo in me got so happy to have some drama. So, bring out your popcorn, because you’re gonna love how this is going to turn out!


So, Waqar Zakar interviewed Reham Khan in a now-viral interview, asking all sorts of questions you definitely shouldn’t listen to in your roza (so we did that for you)

He asked Reham about her sex life with Imran Khan and the book that made quite a ripple. Here’s a teeny-tiny teaser of how it went by:


Naturally, that Reham Khan and Waqar Zaka conversation went viral for all the wrong reasons

Ever since that interview, Reham Khan has been the top topic of conversation within the Pakistani social media.

Via: Twitter


People started to bash Waqar Zaka and Reham Khan for the viral interview, discussing the private life of Prime Minister of Pakistan.


Just when you thought this is the end of the drama, Reham Khan also responded to the interview

In a YouTube video, she says, referring to Waqar Zaka, that this ”person” continuously requested her to have an interview with him. She finally obliged to his request, owing to her Pashtun polite heritage.

Honestly, Reham didn’t mention Waqar Zaka’s name, even for once. I’m living for the pettiness dripping from this statement.

Source: Reham Khan Official/ YouTube

Out of the Reham Khan and Waqar Zaka conversation, the most viral moment was the discussion on her private life with both her husbands. She also responded to that accusing Waqar Zaka of not listening to her

Reham Khan said that she specifically asked Waqar Zaka to remove that ”Performance wala part.” She also screenshotted their conversation and sent it to another mutual. According to her, Waqar still didn’t take the advice for the purpose of ratings and published the interview anyway.

Reham claimed that Waqar has now got calls from PM House and FIA over that clip. DAMN!

Source: Reham Khan Official/ YouTube

Later on, she continued to talk about her book, that was a mere psychological analysis of people she has been with.

Umm… You can watch her entire video over here.

So what do you think of this entire drama? Do you have anything to add on? Let us know in the comments!


Cover image via Reham Khan Official via YouTube / @ZakaWaqar via Twitter

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