Reham Khan Attacked Imran Khan In Her Interviews With Indian Media But Pakistanis Are Trolling Her Hard

By Biya Haq | 20 Feb, 2019


Surprise, surprise – Reham Khan has gone rogue once again.

Speaking to the Indian media in what seemed like a field day to expose Khan, Reham fully attacked the Prime Minister in her interviews with the Indian Press.

Source: India Today Via YouTube

In her interview with India Today, Reham went on and on to the host of the show, Rahul Kanwal that Imran’s speech did not do as much as it could. She stated that not only did he not acknowledge or condole the deaths that took place in Pulwama, but that he also apparently waits for instruction for all his speeches and every other political move and that he had to hugely ‘compromise’ on his values and principles to get to into power.

Oh! And just in case you didn’t know it, Reham ‘is not a politician who is an opportunist.” – Whatever the FUCK that means. Reham basically went on a tirade of all the things Imran did and didn’t do. Not only was this completely unnecessary, but this was also a chance for Reham to create some sort of dialogue on the fact that the extremely high tensions right now are solely based on the fact that the entire nation of India has decidedly blamed Pakistan for the attacks at Pulwama.

Like, BRO, you had a chance to get us all on the right side of things in the eyes of India and you use it by putting down your ex-husband?


And friends, just when we thought the televised blood bath was over, Reham gave yet another interview to WION, another Indian news channel.

Source: WION Via YouTube

And dare I say it, this one was even worse.

Reham said Imran was at fault yet again, for not showing sympathy towards the lives lost, calling the whole thing in ‘very bad taste.’ She said he was in a state of denial, and that he isn’t aware of terrorist groups in Pakistan accompanied by a scoff. She also said he should accept the fact that he has no authority whatsoever as the Prime Minister of this country.

OH, and according to Reham, there have been no responsible statements from Imran since he has come into power. Thanks, yes that is really great Reham, we want the country that we have been virtually been in war with for DECADES now to think that our PM has no power and no sense of authority or responsibility. Fantastic.

Reham continued to make us cringe in pain when she in turn quickly began stating that she felt extremely ‘sorry for the man,’ and genuinely upset about the fact that he is going through so much. Not before stating that Imran is geographically unaware of the world.

Source: @Hulu

Like, what the hell, man.

And look, I am not saying that Reham cannot have her own views on Imran’s actions and policies. She wrote a whole book, the woman understands freedom of speech. However, when we, as a country, are basically on the cusp of a potential war between two countries who have been trying to find an excuse to launch missile strikes on the other, HOW can you be so irresponsible with your words?

I have always given Reham the benefit of the doubt. Through all the interviews, Tweets, chapters and all. But this? This is not good. She even spoke to the fact that she knew people in Pakistan would be trolling her for being spiteful towards her ex-husband and having some sort of agenda, and lol, she was right.

After the footage of her interviews went viral, Pakistanis were absolutely pissed to see her attacking our Prime Minister and oh boy, they showed it.

All over social media.


Again, everyone is entitled to their opinion and Reham was invited upon these shows for her point of view. But in a tense situation as this between two long-rivalled nations? Her publicist needs to start saying no. Immediately.

Have you seen Reham’s interviews?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Cover photo source: WION Via YouTube

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