Reema Just Sang Her Way Into Our Heart And You Can't Deny She Truly Is The Ultimate Queen

By Sarah Babar | 1 May, 2018

Last night saw an array of stars on the blue carpet and the ramp at the Pepsi Showcase. We were there to witness the event in all of its glory, and apart from transporting us all back into the 80s and beyond, there were a lot of other things that were happening at the event, with all the celebrities present!


We saw the man with the golden voice, RJ Khalid Malik sending a lot of love our way


Ace designer Ali Xeeshan


The boys from Kashmir still toying with the strings of our hearts


Top model Mehreen Syed burning up the ramp, as usual


And Mikaal Zulfiqar sl-la-laying as usual


We also got the opportunity to see the queen herself, Reema Khan

Source: @nishsays / Instagram


While Reema did set fire to the ramp with her walk

She also stole our hearts all over again, as she had done a few weeks earlier, if y’all remember.


While Strings was performing “Chaye Chaye”


They called Reema on stage to join them and sing along to the song


Here, watch it again, and fall for the queen, again


Our hearts were fluttering all over the place and it was literally like as if all of our bachpan ke khwab were brought to completion with Reema ji singing along with Strings. It was like we were all teenagers again and, y’all might have heard with all the screaming, we had a pretty good and heavily nostalgic time. It would have been CRAZY if Fawad Khan also showed up, along with the other Pepsi ambassadors, but oh well, a heart can dream.


What do you think of Reema singing the night away? Let us know in the comments below! Okay byeee ~


Everyone Can Go Home Now Because Reema Khan, The Queen Stole Our Dils Last Night


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