Red Bull Pakistan Is Making Two Musical Geniuses Collaborate And The Results Are Just… Spectacular

By Rameeza Ahmad | 21 Apr, 2020

Red Bull Pakistan has decided to bless us with some amazing music and unexpected collabs!

Red Bull has been famous for giving people ‘wings’. They’ve now decided to bestow another gift upon us with the name of ‘Red Bull Presents’. The energy drink company has decided to give people the gift of music!

And how exactly are they doing that?


Well, Red Bull Pakistan is inviting artists with very different talents and backgrounds to collaborate with one another and produce beautiful melodies.

They had DJ and producer Faisal Baig work with drummer Aahad Nayani to produce some wonderful tracks. While only two of the tracks have been released so far, you can expect 4 more to come out soon.

I just gave them a listen, and honestly, my quarantine just got a little bit better! Honestly, the other 4 tracks cannot come out soon enough. The music is unlike any other thing I have heard from Pakistani music in the mainstream. There are no vocals, just a drum beat and electronic music.


The song,ย  ‘alarming’, which was the first release in this project by Red Bull Pakistan is a bit fast paced and would be a great addition to your workout playlist


The second song is called ‘Closure’ and has much more mellow feel to it

The vibe of the song is extreme chill and it is perfect to have on in the background as you chill on your terrace with a tin of Red Bull.

Red Bull Pakistanย  has managed to set itself apart from the current brands which are also running shows which revolve around musical content by highlighting the power of just music itself. Honestly, what a good time for them to release these gems because who couldn’t do with some good music right about now? You can listen to the music on Red Bull’s Instagram page.

What do you think about these tracks? Let us know in the comments below.



Cover Image Source: @faisalbaigofficial/@aahadnayaniofficial via

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