15 Real-Life Celebrity Couples That Will Make You Believe In Love Again, ‘Haye Sadqay'

By Sarah Babar | 9 Jun, 2017

When life is ugly, all you want to do is spend your time looking at beautiful things. And what’s more beautiful than looking at Pakistani celebrity couples? Tub tou meri eid hee ho jati haiAur hoye bhi kiun na? For starters, it’s two gorgeous-to-look-at people getting together. Secondly, that’s more talent in one family. And thirdly, can you imagine how crazy the wedding will be?!!?!?!?! 

So here it is, the list of these beautiful tareen people getting together and marrying each other:


1. Danish Taimour – Ayeza Khan

Source: Kashif Qadri

The country’s perfect bahu ideal married one of the best-looking men in the industry. What more do you want?


2. Syra Shehroz – Shehroz Shubzwari

Source: Yellow Jacket via style n tips

Hands down, the cutest couple in all of Lollywood. And they’re daughter MashaAllahMashaAllahMashaAllahMashaAllah


3. Rahat Kazmi – Saira Kazmi

Source: Pakistani Drama Reviews
Source: Drama Online

The epitome of grace, love, and an ideal for everyone to look up to. Rahat and Saira have been the greatest leading pair for decades, now. And even when you look at them, now, your heart melts. Mine does. It’s melted, right now.


4. Mohib Mirza – Aamina Sheikh

Source: pak101.com

Good looks. Good looks. AND good looks. And quirk. These two together are sassy, funny, and crazy.


5. Fahad Mirza – Sarwat Gillani

Source: A A Fash

Fahad Mirza is perhaps one of the most underrated men in the industry. And he’


6. Shahbaz Shigri – Aisha Linnea Akhtar

Source: Asian Wedding Ideas

These two are the epitome of beauty, not even kidding


7. Nayyara Noor – Shehryar Zaidi

Source monadarling74 / YouTube

Grace, class, sophistication, all in one power couple.


8. Ali Noor – Mandana

Source: Dil Dil Pakistan

These two together make our manwa res go absolutely crazy

9. Urwa Hocane – Farhan Saeed

Source: tribune.com.pk

The Udaari couple makes our heart skip a beat


10. Ayesha Omer – Sikander Rizvi

Source: Pak 101



11. Sanam Baloch – Abdullah Farhatullah

Source: Ify’s Fo2 via tv.com.pk


12. Aiman Khan – Muneeb Butt

Sourrce: Reviewit.pk


13. Hira Tareen – Ali Safina

Source: tribune.com.pk


14. Sajal Aly – Feroze Khan

Source: aafash.com


15. Yasra Rizvi – Abdul Hadi

Source: dunyanews.tv


Know any other celebrity couples that renew your faith in love every time you look at them?

Cover image via: Yellow Jacket

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