This Pakistani Actress's Response To All The Hate About Her Husband Being Younger Than Her Is THE BEST

By Sarah Babar | 2 Jan, 2017

In Pakistan, shaadis are not just a celebration of two people coming together in marriage, it is a show of wealth, power, and just your social status. The more people there are the ‘higher’ your position on the status quo. Moreover, the farther away from the city, the shadier the farmhouse, the cooler the shaadi is supposed to be. And hashtags, don’t forget the hashtags.Who cares if you and your Significant Other only recently met when a lavish 6-7 figure shaadi is what everything’s about?

In the middle of all these norms and standards for getting married. One woman stood up and stood against the societal shaadi set-up.


This is Yasra Rizvi


She recently got married


And it was like no marriage ever before

Because of the fact that nothing about her shaadi fell within the norms of Pakistani society, people lost their shit.

First off,

Her husband is 10 years younger than her


She made her husband agree to give her Namaz-e-Fajr as Haq Meher


She spent a minimal amount of money at her shaadi


Now, on any average day, the latter two would be considered ultimate #shaadigoals for girls, but Yasra ended up getting a lot of hate for this.

Because apparently, she should have married a man at least her age, if not older. Cuz log kya kaheinge. Lekin log bohat kuch keh gaye, anyway.

Her haq meher became an issue because the haq meher is supposed to financially protect the wife, in case of divorce. However, according to Yasra, the one she opted for has a higher chance of protecting her.


Yasra decided to release a video, telling the world why she did what she did and that she stands by her decision.

Even though she didn’t need to explain herself, Yasra decided to clear the air because it matters to the thousands of other young girls who don’t ever get the chance to do the same.


You go, Yasra, don’t let the world tell you what to do. And keep setting goals for women to follow! ♥

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