What is Ravvish? Here's Why You Should Know.

By Zuha Siddiqui | 22 Jun, 2015

What is Ravvish?

Ravvish – literally translating to ‘a path’ – is young, dynamic social enterprise working towards achieving conflict resolution through global engagement. With a team comprising of undergraduate students, Ravvish aims to reach out to students between the ages of 8 and 13, across the social economic board, irrespective of social and monetary status.

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What makes Ravvish’s approach to conflict resolution different?

The world holds preconceived notions about Pakistan. Similarly, though we may be quick to deny this claim, Pakistanis hold preconceived notions about other cultures and countries. Hint: India and the West. Ravvish aims to break down notions of cultural alienation by bringing the world to students who have not had the opportunity to venture out beyond the realms of their cities or villages.

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Through the internet! Ravvish has a team of Global Engagement partners scattered across the globe, from China to Germany to India to the USA! Through Skype and other forms of social media, Ravvish’s global engagement is always on the rise.

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But how will you ensure that students retain and build upon what they have learnt in Ravvish’s four-to-five week long sessions?

The last leg of our four-to-five week long sessions – they’re held on weekends, so we end up clocking around 8 to 10 days with our students – comprises of a computer literacy workshop where we help students get acquainted with social media, email and the works, so that they can stay in touch with our Global Engagement partners abroad and of course, us!

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How do we join Ravvish in order to embark upon this path of social change?

Best question so far! Ravvish’s next session starts in September 2015. If you’re interested in joining their dynamic team – or if you have any questions – send them an email on recruitment@ravvish.com.

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