I Saw The First Episode Of Iqra Aziz’s New Drama And I Think This Might Be Her Best Performance

By Arslan Athar | 5 Nov, 2018

Iqra Aziz captured hearts with her performance in recent TV hit, ‘Suno Chanda’. Iqra has been in the industry for a while, but people remember the actress for performance as Jiya. After this show, Iqra took a bit of a break. She has broken her hiatus with her new show ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’. 

We watched the first episode and it was not at all what we expected. 

Iqra Aziz plays a Christian girl, named Noori. Now, this is based on MY understanding of the character. The matter of Noori’s religion is never explicitly mentioned or addressed, however, I felt that the references in the show do indicate that Noori is in fact Christian.

The show starts off with Iqra Aziz making a run for it and getting a spot on the train, heading to an undisclosed location. As she runs and gets on the train, she has flashbacks to her past. In these flashbacks, we learn about her life.

Source: HUM TV

Noori is from a poor family, who collects garbage and lives in a slum. One day, she happens herself at the house of an elderly woman in her village, who’s teaching the Quran. This lady calls her in, teaches her how to perform the wudhu, and starts to teach her how to read and write. When the lady talks her in, the village is in an uproar. They don’t want their children to be sitting with a ‘choori’. The lady pays no heed to this and teaches her regardless.

Source: HUM TV

Soon, Noori is a young woman, fed up with her life and circumstances, she begs the lady, whom she calls Amma Jee, to help her out and find her a job. Amma Jee definitely helps her out, and she heads to the city, to old friends of Amma Jee, who help her get a job at their garments factory.

The show, or at least the first episode, tackles a lot of societal attitudes towards the Christian community. 

Source: HUM TV

It shows how there is a cycle of ghurbat that they find themselves in, unable to get a way out. Noori was lucky to have found someone like Amma Jee, who was willing and able to take her in and give her an education. There are forces like Amma Jee that exist within society, but there are negative forces as well. The show depicts these in two ways; one being the typical societal image of Christians and how some people think of them as na paak, dirty and unequal. Another way the show shows this is how this community always manages to pull itself down. Noori’s family also pulls her down in some ways. They don’t support the education and the fact that she wants to leave the way of life they have.

Source: HUM TV

Iqra Aziz’s performance as Noori is incredible and multifaceted too. 

She plays the role of an innocent young girl, who is also extremely volatile. She is being pulled by her ambition, while also being bogged down by how her family sees her and the responsibilities she has towards them. Iqra does an incredible job of bringing Noori to life, in a way that she seems authentic and recognizable. You can feel her anger, her shame and her excitement all through the episode.

Have you seen the show yet? Let us know what you think. 

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