Your Favorite Pakistani Celebrities Collecting Eidi For Edhi Will DEFINITELY Warm Your Heart

By MangoBaaz Studio | 7 Jun, 2018

Have you been noticing #EidiForEdhi posts on your timeline?

The posts have been floating to generate hype about the first ever digital fundraising effort facilitated by Coca-Cola held yesterday. Hosted over Facebook live, the event was joined by celebrities and watched by fans all over Pakistan who sent in questions and interacted with the celebrities, many of whom eventually pledged donations.

Momina Mustehsan, who has a history of supporting social causes such as women’s rights, education and mental health awareness, pledged an astounding Rs. 1 million to the Edhi cause.

She reminisced with how the drive reminds her of childhood when we were all encouraged to share out lunchboxes at school and Ali Rehman also pitched in that charity begins at home.

Source: @CokePakistan Via: Facebook

Joining the hosts were Ahad Raza Mir and Maya Ali who all talked about the need to donate.


One of the sweetest things Ahad had to say was to explain how we shouldn’t limit our donations to a specific month but make giving back a part of our routine.

It’s not important to be generous only during Ramazan or contributing to a big event or cause,


This is where Maya Ali shared a story from a time where her family ordered in food and the bill gave her some perspective

People were encouraged to dial in with their pledges and shared personal anecdotes. One dialer from Karachi talked about how everyone dining out should get their leftovers packed as all help is welcome.

The dream team was then joined by Younis Khan who shared a story from two years ago where the Pakistani cricket team wore Edhi badges on top of their kit to honor Edhi and encourage donations for his surgery.

Source: @CokePakistan Via: Facebook

The celebrities talked about patriotism, the love they’ve been showered on their trips abroad and how lucky they feel about being in Pakistan. They also lamented social responsibility and how little things like properly disposing the trash can be things we all can individually contribute positively towards.

Younis Khan signed his iconic cricket bat and all the other celebrities joined in as fans were encouraged to bid as all the contributions will be in favor of Edhi Foundation.

Source: Coca-Cola Pakistan

So far the bids have gone up to 50,000 and 100,000

But the auction is still open which means, you can STILL inbox message the Coca-Cola Facebook page to get your hands on this baby:

Source: Coca-Cola Pakistan

The overall donations received during the hour totaled to 13,050,000, out of which Momina Mustehsan generously contributed 1 million.

While Ramazan is the best time to donate, the spirit to give back should not be limited to just this month. You can go ahead and make more charitable acts using bottles of change or reaching out to the Edhi foundation network. What are your thoughts about the digithon? Did you watch your favorite celebrities? Let us know in the comments section below.

This post has been sponsored by Coca-Cola Pakistan.

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