Here's Everything You Need To Know About Gul Bukhari And Why She’s Been In The News

By Aam Nawab | 7 Jun, 2018

If you’ve tuned into the news lately, you may have seen the name, ‘Gul Bukhari’ popping up everywhere. Trending on social media and on online publications all over the web and country, we thought we would fill you all in on who she is and why she’s been in the news lately.


Pakistani journalist and civil rights activist, Gul Bukhari was allegedly abducted from her home in Lahore and returned several hours later, under mysterious circumstances

A columnist for The Nation, Gul Bukhari is a Pakistani journalist based in Lahore. Bukhari has been known for writing outspoken criticism for the Pakistani Army, and specifically, it’s intervention in our country’s politics.


Late night on Tuesday, Twitter began reporting the incident when it became known that Bukhari had been abducted from her home in Lahore.

According to the Pakistani media, Bukhari was on her to the Waqt TV studio for a talk show when her car was stopped and intercepted by unknowns.

Because of her writing and attitude towards the Pakistani military, many were assuming that her abductors were, in fact, part of the army, and took Bukhari to shake her up and scare her from writing negatively about them again.


Of course, the identity of her alleged abductors has not been confirmed or denied yet and journalists all over Pakistan were just expressing their solidarity, support, and concern for her.


The disappearance was, fortunately, a brief one, as Bukhari was returned to her home a couple of hours after being taken.


Just recently, Bukhari spoke up about her disappearance, assuring everyone that she was fine and requested some time and privacy from the public.


She thanked everyone who was concerned for her safety, requested privacy at this time and also called out fake accounts tweeting on her behalf


Being a journalist in Pakistan, especially one with a unique voice, can potentially be a very dangerous thing and clearly, we can see that in the case of Gul Bukhari.

What did you think of the abduction? What kind of measures should journalists take when speaking their truth? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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