This Is How All That “Amazing” Rain Is Actually Affecting The People Of Karachi

By Sajeer Shaikh | 2 Jul, 2017

It finally rained in Karachi, causing the citizens of the city to be overjoyed

Rainfall in Karachi is a rare occurrence as it is. Thus, it is no surprise that Karachi walay were over the moon when it finally rained.

The heat spell had been broken temporarily and Karachiites were out on the streets celebrating. The pakoras were brought out and served with some garma garam chai to celebrate the rainfall in Karachi, and the relief on everyone’s face was evident.

Karachi itself looked more picturesque than ever

And everyone became a photographer in their efforts to capture the breathtaking views

However, it is no secret that Karachi and baarish rarely result in long-lasting relief for Karachiites. The light showers soon turned into heavy rainfall and wreaked havoc across the city.

The roads were flooded

Aga Khan University Hospital even lost an old friend in the process

New roads were not spared either

Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to testify in favor of the infrastructure in Karachi.

The city seemed to be flooded in various areas

And people couldn’t help but draw attention to it on social media, hoping authorities would take note of the matter

It almost seemed like the initial celebration was a bit premature


Source: Karachi Walay/

And Karachiites seemed to be paying the price for praying for rainfall

Source: Karachi Walay/

However, certain authorities, like the KMC City Wardens, were reportedly seen to step in and help out

Source: Karachi Walay/

Sindh Rangers were also seen trying to help pump out the rain water

Source: Karachi Walay/

While some people claim that the roads have cleared up, despite the heavy rainfall in Karachi…

…most of us kinda share the same sentiments as Shaneira Akram

What is your take on the entire situation? Is Karachi’s infrastructure simply not that well-equipped to handle heavy rainfall? Should the government be doing more in order to prevent such large-scale damage from happening in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



Cover images via: Karachi Walay/

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