This Muslim Girl From The UK Reveals How Recent Islamophobia Has Affected Her And It's Terrifying

By Sajeer Shaikh | 2 Jul, 2017

Islamophobia has long existed in the world. Attacks carried out by militant groups in the name of Islam have only worsened the entire situation, especially for Muslims living abroad.

Samayya Afzal from Bradford, UK is one such Muslim who took to Twitter to talk about how Islamophobia has affected her life

In a series of incredibly alarming tweets, Samayya warns her mother of cars that may potentially run her over intentionally

She goes on to mention how their own safety should come first

Even stopping when someone hits their car is perceived to be a tactic to carry out an attack


Samaya went on to talk about gendered Islamophobia being “one of the vilest manifestations of hate.”

She then mentions an incident where she, herself, was threatened with a knife after Trump was elected President

The incident left her “in a constant state of hyper-awareness,” as she puts it


And she went on to talk about how the various kinds of attacks taking place were enough to stop Muslims from leaving the safety of their houses

However, she stated that despite everything, all one can do is continue onwards in a place that is supposed to be your home…

…with people who you meet on a daily basis

However, due to Islamophobia and the image of Muslims that has been projected, the fear in the eyes of people remains evident

Samayya’s tone of exhaustion was heard loud and clear through her tweets

Even then, she went on to repeat how the Muslim community and Muslim women are more than the oppression they face


People spoke up in support of Samayya and her stance

Some spoke out against the widespread hate

While others suggested that precautions must be taken

The thread pertaining to Islamophobia is not only alarmingly concerning, it also highlights the fact that the isolated incidents that we keep hearing about are a reality for many Muslims living abroad. While we undermine just how terrifying the situation may truly be, there are women like Samayya having conversations about how to stay safe in a land they have always called home. While we battle the demons that exist within our society, let’s not forget the plight of those living in hostile environments abroad as well. Above all, let’s hope and pray that the negative image that the media has portrayed changes over time as well.


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