QB And Farhan Saeed Just Sang Latthay Di Chaadar And Luddi Will Never Be The Same

By Iman Zia | 1 Sep, 2017

‘Latthay Di Chaadar’ is glorious. The dashing melody is both warm and upbeat. After incredibly home-grounded songs like Tinak Dhin‘ and Baazi‘, the nostalgic ‘Latthay Di Chaadar’ oozes an ethnic richness that has been lacking thus far in Coke Studio. The serenade breathes a soulfulness with the incredible vocals of Quratulain Balouch and Farhan Saeed.

Source: Coke Studio


The song is a cover of Mussarat Nazir’s breathtaking original folk song

A hot favorite during every shaadi and the perfect tappa for luddi

Source: PTV World


QB’s husky voice is breathtaking as she sweetens the entire melody

Source: Coke Studio


And Farhan Saeed is stripped from his rock star demeanor with soft, summery vocals as he adds a fresh twist to the ode

Source: Coke Studio

Farhan’s strapping voice adds all the honey you need to this already delicious melody.


And both singers’ breathe life into the song with complimenting vocals

It really is quite the collaboration, with the pair last being together in song ‘Panchi’ for Coke Studio’s season 4.

Source: Coke Studio


Nothing is more pleasant than watching both singers sway to the music.

Farhan and QB sway to the incredibly sweet melody, and it only trickles through the screen as we can’t help but sway with the same enthusiasm to such a lovely song.

Source: Coke Studio


With a wonderful dandiyaan and flowery flute-esque air, ‘Latthay Di Chaadar’ is warm, embracing and incredibly uplifting and transitions into a monumental finish

Source: Coke Studio

The song has an incredibly emphatic transition, and eight minutes feels rather short for a song, because of how well constructed the entire melody is. While both singers are given their due individually, the song molds very naturally into an overlapping sequence of QB, Farhan and all backup singers’ voices entwining into what gathers tremendous momentum.

Source: Coke Studio


Special mention must go to the entire aesthetic that Coke Studio maintains, with both singers dripping in rang 

Both musicians have stayed incredibly close to their roots with their choice of attire, and they both look smashing. While Quratulain shimmers in an incredibly colorful tunic, Farhan’s lush sherwani coupled with a contrasting shawl is wonderful.

Source: Coke Studio


And we aren’t the only ones in absolute love



Fans are pouring in their adoration for the song


And thanking Coke Studio for a splendid season so far


With many fawning over the incredible vocals of both singers




It truly is a lovely Eid for some Farhan fans too…

This is unarguably the most welcomed rendition of a song Coke Studio has done



Have a listen to the song below:


What did you think of the song? Wasn’t it just splendid?

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