13 Pakistanis Who Are Extremely Worried For Qandeel Baloch's Security

By Sarmad Amer | 28 Jun, 2016

Qandeel Baloch, the notorious desi Kim Kardashian, recently announced that she is seeking security because her personal details, like images of her passport and actual identification, were released online.

Obviously, everyone is concerned because we can’t afford to have a national treasure like Qandeel Baloch suffer any kind of distress or be a potential target of criminals.

These Pakistanis are especially worried for Ms. Baloch’s security and they want to help her out in any way they can:


1. This girl who has serious trust issues after the revelation of Ms. Baloch’s identity


2. And this one who believes Hamid Mir is after Qandeel’s life


3. This person has suggestions for how Qandeel can live her life


4. This one offers some people who can protect Qandeel’s life


5. This guy has problems with the protocol Qandeel might receive


6. Qandeel’s security is a matter of national interest


7. And this guy can’t be more proud of our national treasure(s) 


8. This person knows why Qandeel Baloch matters to Pakistanis


9. And this person really does make a point about all the rage against Ms. Baloch


10. While this one asks the important questions


11. Here’s a response to everyone who hates Qandeel Baloch but can’t stop talking about her


12. While this person dismissively tweets

13. Finally, this person delivers the final punch

Because you know you’re all saying it in your hearts,
Hey Qandeel, love you for you’re doing all on your own. You do you, stay safe.

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