This Mural In Karachi Has Immortalized The Late Qandeel Baloch, And It's Incredibly Beautiful

By Sajeer Shaikh | 4 Jan, 2018

Qandeel Baloch, since her rise on social media till even after her death, has remained someone Pakistanis always end up debating over.


Some people see the why and how of the videos Qandeel Baloch would post. Consequently, they empathize with her. Some even see how a young girl with a troubled past chose to empower herself through social media. However, others fail to see her plight.

Regardless of whatever side you’re on in this debate, there is one fact that cannot be denied: Qandeel Baloch was, and still is, an icon.

It is thus not surprising to find people commemorating her life in different ways. Some choose to document and preserve it as a memory.

Qandeel Baloch – The life, death and impact of Pakistan’s wor…

Qandeel was killed in 2016 after becoming a social media celebrity. This film tells Qandeel’s story through her own videos and media appearances, and how she exposed Pakistan's male religious right and challenged middle-class morality.

Posted by The Guardian on Freitag, 22. September 2017


Others choose to dramatize her story to have it reach the masses.

Source: Urdu1

And some choose to encapsulate her within their music.

However, the Pakistan Chowk Initiative, alongside Girls At Dhabas and Fearless Collective collaborated to set up the following mural.

Here, have a better look.

Isn’t it fantastic?

If you pay attention to the details, you’ll see an elevated Qandeel, with hands reaching out to her. It’s quite an impactful piece of work, juxtaposed beautifully with the setting in which it’s been drawn.

Dil Say Pakistan even reached out to the original Twitter user who shared the post. They then shared it as a part of their #DilSayPakistan campaign.

Others saw the beauty in this artwork and claimed that Qandeel lives on, as she truly has.

People truly appreciated the entire post altogether.

Qandeel’s murder will forever be a stain on the fabric of our nation. It is reminiscent of every woman we’ve lost because a man tethered his honor to her existence. However, Qandeel left behind a wave of shaken followers and admirers who will continue to fight the good fight towards empowerment.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.

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