This Hot AF Photo Shoot Featuring Our Pyaara Chai Wala Arshad Khan Is All Kinds Of Perfect

This Hot AF Photo Shoot Featuring Our Pyaara Chai Wala Arshad Khan Is All Kinds Of Perfect

Our pyaara chai wala Arshad Khan is arguably the biggest social media star to emerge out of the otherwise largely depressing 2016. He went from an ordinary tea seller to a world renowned model within days, getting featured in virtually every media platform in the world.


It all started one fine October day with this simple tweet


Upon further digging into the image we found out it was Islamabad based photographer Javeria Ali who discovered this gem


The next day we even went to find this pyaara boy with Javeria

Source: Haadia Paracha


Here’s MangoBaaz team member Haadia with the photographer:

Source: Haadia Paracha


And then it all just blew it up


Source: BuzzFeed


There were some “intellectuals” who ridiculed us for giving five minutes of fame to a guy was just going to go back to being a tea seller after this whole attention was over

Source: Haadia Paracha


But, oh wait… he’s a working model and actor now

My, my.


He’s now doing music videos alongside Mrs. Pakistan and movies in Dubai

And that’s just some of everything he’s doing in his modeling career. He is even plagued with rumors of affairs and scandals typical celebrity style. To those he says, “I understand that I am still at an early stage in my career and cannot afford any rumors or a love affair at this point in time.I want to keep away from any activity that can damage my reputation”.


And now, Arshad has just gone full circle with this HOT AF photo shoot

Full circle… back to that smolder that made him world famous, that is.

Source: Azeem Sani

This photo shoot is with photographer Azeem Sani, for an international magazine and Arshad is dripping wet in what looks to be a swimming pool.


And it’s all sorts of perfect

Source: Azeem Sani


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Source: Azeem Sani


Keep serving us that hot tea, Arshad.

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