I Just Watched The Latest Episode For “Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan” And I'm ABSOLUTELY In Love

By Sarah Babar | 22 May, 2018

Given the recent CRAZY hype of the show “Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan”, I decided to watch the latest episode, and needless to say, I’m absolutely hooked on to it. I never intending on actually watching the show, but I’ve completely changed my mind, now. While we’ve previously completely obsessed over Turkish shows, and actors, and more importantly, Burak Deniz and we’ve even brought you facts you didn’t know about it. So here is what I thought of the 62nd episode of “Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan” and more so, all the reasons I can’t stop watching it.


From the very first scene, there was this sense of mystery about the show

Source: @pyaarlafzonmeinkahan / YouTube

That’s a total plus point for me, because I love me some good old drama. It gets better because we also end up seeing an almost physical fight between two women. One of whom is called Derya, that I know for sure. Going into the show with absolutely no back story and then witnessing one woman trying to kill another was GOLD. Not in an ‘omg I love catfights or something’ kinda way. But I love it when women take things into their hands. So the old woman who was trying to kill the younger woman through a massage, was asking for a confession and forgiveness. However, another older woman intervenes and says Murat/Murad will sort everything out.


Then there was the moment I was waiting for, for Burak Deniz to appear on screen and it was every bit as amazing as I thought it would be

Source: @pyaarlafzonmeinkahan / YouTube

And, of course, it was totally worth it lols. So Burak aka Murat aka Murad aka hottie, wakes up all groggy (aka perfect) but expects to see someone in bed with him. But doesn’t find anyone there. There is someone at the door, and he finds the same old woman at his doorstep. He is visibly not happy with this, but she comes in. She begs him for forgiveness and he says something about being 5 years old when he found out his mother had passed away and that he will never forgive the woman for that. Also omg the woman is his dadi. But there is something SERIOUSLY fishy going on with the mother’s death, because at this point, I really don’t think the mother has actually died.


We move on to the MOST AMAZING flashback montage between our two main leads, Murat/Murad and Hayat which practically melts my heart into mush

Source: @pyaarlafzonmeinkahan / YouTube

This montage did one thing for sure, it sparked such an insane curiosity about their past love life into my hopelessly romantic heart. Because after looking at pictures like this one


And this one

Source: @pyaarlafzonmeinkahan / YouTube


And ugh just the way he looks at her, I really want to know the back story like, right now


So I’m not going to spoil the episode for those who aren’t up to speed (like me lol)

Source: popkey.co

But I’m hooked on to the show for a few number of reasons


There’s just the right amount of drama

Source: @pyaarlafzonmeinkahan / YouTube

Yes, there definitely is drama in the show, because otherwise it would have never done well, but from what I’ve seen, they cut through the tension, every few scenes. So it doesn’t become this deathly show which ends up making the viewer want to gouge out their eyes just because how sad the show is.


There is some killer wardrobe team at work here

Source: @pyaarlafzonmeinkahan / YouTube

I’m legit pretty stumped by Hayat’s dress here, and I’ve seen her clothes in the past montage and helloooo, can I borrow?


We see some oomph and we see quite a few gut wrenching moments, too

Like when Murat/Murad and Hayat meet, there is this underlying bitterness in his voice and tone and that just reminded me so much of the scene where Khirad goes up to Asher’s office after 5 years and slams her daughter’s reports on the table during “Humsafar”. 


While the episode ended on a bitter note between Hayat and Murat/Murad I’m ALREADY shipping the two pretty damn hard

Source: @pyaarlafzonmeinkahan / YouTube

As in, what’s not to ship about the two main leads together?

a) they are exceptionally good looking people and any member of any gender will agree with me on this

b) they have this adorable chemistry together that I felt even after only having watched one episode

c) and their overall equation seems pretty intense so I really cannot wait to dig into it more.


But no, seriously, just look at these two together

Source: showtv.com.tr

And I know Burak has a girlfriend, and I have no idea about Hande’s personal life but can you imagine just how beautiful their babies will be? Because I totally can…uccha sorry thora zyaada creepy ho gaya, na…?


For someone who had absolutely zero back story to the show, I actually understood the episode to quite an extent, which is always a great sign for any show that I need to watch. If I can’t understand a stand alone episode, there are chances that I might not really stick around and watch the whole show. But somehow I watched Game of Thrones that way and I made it through watching like half of the first few seasons. Anyyyway, all I have to say at the end of the day is that I’m completely in love with the show, and I’m prettyy sure I’ll be binge-watching it throughout the coming weekend, so sorry please nobody make any plans with me, thank you!


Are you watching “Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan”? If yes, then do let us know in the comments below, because we can’t wait to hear from you, as usual! Also I don’t mind being educated a bit more about the show because I literally don’t know anything about it. Okay byeee ~



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