14 Of The Most Hilarious PTCL Complaints On The Internet, You're Welcome

By MangoBaaz Studio | 15 Dec, 2017

Anyone with a pulse in Pakistan knows that having a bad internet connection can be an ABSOLUTE PAIN.

Source: deenga.com

^ Us every time.

Because of this, people can go a little crazy when letting out their own frustrations. And when you put frustration and social media together, you basically get a ton of entertainment. Being one of the oldest internet network providers, PTCL has always gotten it’s fair share of complaints.


Everything from aggressive aunties with very imaginative minds,

To heartfelt, gut wrenching, Karan Johar worthy romantic love letters.

But PTCL has always been a GREAT sport about it and responded with love…




And sensitivity…


Even though many of these complaints hurt a little bit, you have to admit – they can be pretty fun to read:


1. I mean, at least we wouldn’t need Internet if we were zombies…

2. Honestly, how do we know for SURE that they’re not?

3. Lollllllllllllllll

4. Low-key thank you for the attention

Btw, the new complaint number is 1218! Besides how funny these complaints are – at least the ‘Baara Atharaa’ number is here to hear em!


5. This cutie who missed the match and still gave PTCL a whole lotta love…

6. *Three texts to losing it*

7. Crying at how true this is.

8. This existential crisis…


10. Please, just take the award…

11. Curse and repeat ~

12. A grammar lesson

13. Yah this is one match we’re not trying to see…

14. Love hate hate hate relationship, basically.

As much as we all love to hate on PTCL, when it does work, it works. Thankfully, PTCL does have a helpline that is guess what, ACTUALLY helpful. Their new 1218 campaign number is your one stop shop for all complaints, all issues and all worries PTCL.  Have an issue, no worries – call ‘Baara Atharaa’ and you’ll never need to angry tweet again! Love you!

This post has been sponsored by PTCL. 

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