PTCL and DJuice Are Having An Online Phadda And People Are Trying To Decide Who's Winning

By Hurmat Riaz | 6 Aug, 2017

This weekend hasn’t really been the most exciting one since the internet went down on Saturday making us feel like…well like we couldn’t get anything done. While some of us may have spent the weekend reading a book, watching an old movie or catching up with the family *they are nice people, btw*, PTCL was trying to defend itself on Twitter from haters.

So amidst all this internet meltdown, DJuice Pakistan ne moqa daikh kay chouka mara and started to make themselves look like the cool guys in town.

Via: Tumblr

And somewhere in between, called out PTCL. LOLOL.

Via: Tumblr

And DJuice customers joined in on the burning session.

Via: Twitter

Apply cold water to the burned area.

Via: Twitter

And replied to each tweet to keep their customers happy and loyal.

Via: Twitter


Eventually, PTCL tried to get a word in and then things got interesting…

Ayen hayein, PTCL! Itna sass!

But DJuice didn’t just stop there.

Via: Twitter

PTCL’s customers jumped in to defend their lovely *LOVELY* internet service provider.

Via: Twitter


Via: Twitter

The dukh is strong in this one.

Via: Twitter
Via: Tumblr

This will never get old.

Via: Twitter

Baat to sach hai magar baat hai ruswai kee.

Via: Twitter

PTCL yaar, ab bohat ho gya. We want our nice internet connection back. We did enough sabar for a lifetime.

Source: Heyday Films
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