We Asked You For Some Of Your Most Embarrassing Moments In Restaurants And LOL, Amazing

By Biya Haq | 6 Aug, 2017

Hey friends,

So while we were working on our super cool amazing new app KhanaBaaz, we realised that we all spend most of our lives sitting in restaurants. I mean, think about it. Nashta, lunch, dinner, chai – there is always a place to go eat in Pakistan.

With that in mind and us being MangoBaaz, we wanted to know some of your most embarrassing/funny moments that have taken place in restaurants because honestly, why not. Lolllllsy.

1. Ohh, Aunties

Source: Deenga

2. Lolsy, talk about awkward

Source: Reactiongifs.com Via: Giphy

3. The saddest thing we ever heard

Source: Deenga

4. Dinner and a show?

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5. For all of you couples out there…

Source: Twitter
Source: Deenga

Btw friends, if you want to avoid this HORRIBLE *cringe* situation, just download MangoBaaz’s new app, KhanaBaaz! You’ll be able to figure out which one of your judgmental phupo’s will be where. Basically a life saver. *cringe*

6. Hope you weren’t wearing white…

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7. Sitting outside is a risk

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Of course you can always avoid you food being hijacked by using KhanaBaaz’s seating feature! You’ll know which restaurants have outside sitting areas and smoking areas!

8. Uff, too embarrassing yaar

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9. I mean, lolsy

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10. Tag a kangla

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All good friend, we’ve all been there. Luckily, KhanaBaaz will let you know which places to take cash or card. To save you from the embarrassment and well, idk washing dishes for a week? Love you.

11. Read at your own risk


Source: Deenga

12. Do what you gotta do friend

13. Again, do what you gotttttta do

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14. Hahaha, we get it! Reading MangoBaaz articles will do that to you 😉


Source: Deenga

Have any funny restaurants of your own? Have you ever knocked over multiple dishes? Caused a fire? Had a meltdown? We want to know! Let us know in the comments section below!

Also, since we love you so much – we really think you should check out this new app, KhanaBaaz. Going out for food is what we do best so we’d thought we’d make it even easier for you. Love you.

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