Cricket Came Home And These Pictures Of The PSL Final In Karachi Are Breathtaking

By Sinwan Zahid | 26 Mar, 2018

It’s an understatement to say Pakistanis love cricket. We live, breathe and function on cricket. We become friends over cricket and we become foes over cricket. That’s what cricket means to us and we are proud of it! Things got even better when last year, in the second edition of the Pakistan Super League, cricket came home. We were over the moon about getting to see some of our favorite teams face off in a spectacular final. And this year, the PSL final is happened in Karachi, the city of lights, and we can’t help but agree, IT IS TRULY LIT. Good for you Karachi, we’re glad National Stadium was finally occupied by thousands of spectators of our most loved game!


Islamabad United and Peshawar Zalmi made it to the PSL final #ZALMIFOREVER and the entire world was watching (including India hehehe). Heck, #PSLFinalinKarachi is the second most trending hashtag worldwide right now… easy na lain humay.

Here’s a look at how much we’re in love with Karachi today:


Zalmi fans in significant numbers were present #yellowyellowzalmifellows

Also, IPL, take note!!!



After a trending pappi from a PPP loyalist, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari made it to the match too

We wonder who he supported tonight



People took to posters to pour their patriotism and hearts out

Pakistan Zindabad! <3


Things like these, however, don’t make our neighbors very happy

Bring the bhabz along too, will ya?



25th March 1992 Pakistan bagged the Cricket World Cup trophy

Today Pakistan came out a victor, again. Here’s to hoping the entire series happen here next year! <3 <3 <3



We love you, Karachi!


There was free food for match-goers, where else does this happen!?

Only in Pakistan. We truly are a different breed of people.


This sakht londa let the ladies know woh khud khana garam karayga

Also #whatisyourmobilenumber?


Just btw, #PSLFinalinKarachi was not coming slow

Let us mention again, trending worldwide at number 2 on Twitter



Also, how fabulous did National Stadium look?

Thousands of people took to the stadium to watch their favorite teams play off in the PSL final!



This is why they call Karachi the City of Lights

Such a beautiful sight



Flyovers, underpasses, roadsides were adorned with lights and displays

Karachi went all out and we’re truly living for it!



Dubai, Sharjah, and Lahore: take that!

Bet you didn’t have this on your flyovers 😉



PSL likes to surprise us when we’re least expecting it

Honestly, who would’ve thought? But wow. Jeet gaye hain.



Finally, to end the night, there were fireworks for Islamabad United’s remarkable win

PSL Champions for the second time! Peshawar Zalmi, well played and fingers crossed for next year.



PSL is over and we’re already missing it. 🙁  We can’t wait for the 4th edition and we hope cricket comes home completely!



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