Here Are The 11 Types Of Crazy PSL Fans All Pakistanis Love To Hate

By Noor | 21 Mar, 2018

PSL has been engulfing the country these days. There are many different types of cricket-obsessed fans that have expressed their crazy this season of PSL (Pakistan Super League). You can definitely spot the unique categories of fans around you, supporting their teams in different ways. Here are some types of die-hard PSL fans, keep reading to find out which one you are:

1. Nazar Conscious Fans

These are the ones who want to protect their team from any harm that might be caused by nazar. They even go to the screens putting kaala teeka on their favorite players to ensure that they give their best performance.

Via: Tumblr

2. Rondu Fans

Every time they see their team losing, their hearts become heavy and the drama begins with tears flowing from their eyes.

source: Hum Network

3. Tasbih Fans

They strongly believe in prayers and they start watching the match once they are done with the required amount of tasbihs. If¬†they see their team is losing, they return to their¬†tasbih again and give their ‚Äėphoonks‚Äô to the players.

Source: IRK films

4. Najoomi Fans

Najoomi fans are very eager to predict the future conditions of the match. They make wild guesses to tell you that the next ball is going to result in a chauka or an out. They also have made crazy calculations to draw up a conclusion that which team is going to get into the finals.

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5. Selfie Fans

These fans are least bothered about their team winning, all they want is a good selfie in any pose that makes them look good.


6. Sattay-baaz Fans

Har cheez pai shart laganay walay  humaray

Sattay-baaz fans becharay!


7. Switcher Fans

These are the fans who switch their sides to make sure that they are always on the side of the winning team.

Related image


8. Dhamal Fans

They make use of their team‚Äôs anthem and dance with joy to celebrate the success of their team. ‘Karachi kings laga kay wings sab ko lai kay urr¬†jayien¬†gay.’

source: ‚ÄéWalkwater Media


9. Tension bharay Fans

These fans are always stressed out and they want their team to win at any cost.

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10. Celebrity dekh kay team select karnay walay fans

‚ÄúIf Mahira Khan is supporting Zalmi then I will be supporting Zalmi too.‚ÄĚ These types of fans always select their teams based on the celebrity they admire.

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11. Bahanay-baaz Fans

Ami ko bahanay kar kay doston kay saath unkay ghar pai PSL dekhnay walay fans.

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Let us know which type of PSL fan you are in the comments below.


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