Teefa In Trouble Protesters In Karachi Were Allegedly Beaten Up By Rangers And Pakistanis Are Furious

By Bisma Rizwan | 21 Jul, 2018

In the round of events that have happened regarding the premiere of the film, Teefa In Trouble this week, earlier today a protest was also held in Karachi at Nueplex, Rashid Minhas Road. All of this started when Ali Zafar was accused of harassment by Meesha Shafi. What was supposed to be a peaceful protest turned out to be the quite the opposite when the cinema management called the Police and Rangers to deal with the protesters.

This picked up on Twitter, and people started sharing it in support of the protesters.

Nueplex’s security confiscated their phones and made them delete the videos that were made as well.

The Rangers allegedly mistreated the protesters, who were apparently gathered unarmed, in the hope for a peaceful protest against the said film. 

Reportedly, the protesters were also detained in the basement and were beaten up before finally let go of.

There are recollections of what happened in entirety.

Pictures also surfaced, clearly showing marks and wounds that one of the protesters allegedly got after being beaten up by the authorities.

While the protesters were let go eventually, they reported being forced to kneel and allegedly had guns pointed at them and were also hit with guns. According to a tweet, an 18-year-old protester was threatened with 5 guns pointed in his face.

Source: Facebook



They also reportedly arrested around 8 students and a journalist.

Source: Facebook

People believe that in an attempt to cover the scene up, the authorities have been alleged to wrongly frame those arrested by saying that they were carrying wine bottles with them.

Of course, not everyone believes this is the case.

However, most people all over can’t wrap their heads around the incident and are condemning the cinema’s authorities, all while supporting the protesters.

And are calling out to boycott the cinema altogether for their appalling measures.

While holding peaceful protests and demonstrations is a right granted to the citizens of this country, it is still a shocking sight to see administration and officials taking actions against citizens who just wanted to record their protest while staying within the law.

What do you think about the incident? Let us know in the comments.


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