Candidate Jibran Nasir Was Just Stoned By A Bunch Of Extremists And People Are Concerned For His Safety

By Bisma Rizwan | 21 Jul, 2018

With less than 3 days left to the elections, the political landscape has heated up beyond belief – and safe to say how the entire nation is charged up with emotions to defend their own stance.


Last night, Jibran Nasir and his workers were beaten by the workers of multiple parties as they tried to enter Bizerta Lines – which is one of Karachi’s most centrally located areas. 

Our workers were beaten in Bizerta Lines by TLP & challenged to enter again. We led our team through every lane of…

Gepostet von Mohammad Jibran Nasir am Freitag, 20. Juli 2018

The reason? Jibran refused to call Ahmedis non-Muslims or condemn them, even when he was forced to do so. Can we just talk about how brilliantly he shut them all down?!

Here’s footage of the altercation.


But did they back out? They didn’t. In a Facebook livestream, Jibran and his workers can be seen going back in the area, while responding to all of the hate with endless love

Election campaign at Bizerta Lines

Gepostet von Mohammad Jibran Nasir am Freitag, 20. Juli 2018


The live stream begins with a worker describing the events from when they first tried to enter the Bizerta Lines area.

“We were peacefully arranged at the main market area when a few members from TLP came to us and asked us to leave. Then they hurled abuses at Jibran. Then came a truck and around 50-60 men from Jamaat-i-Islami, while we were only 20 something. They stopped us, and then slapped our workers and we ran. Then came Musharraf’s party workers and we were being chased by everyone who had sticks to beat us.”

Another worker added that they were threatened as well by the other parties workers.

Agar waapis idhar aaye tou tum logon kou tor phor ker waapis bhejaa jayega.”


However, Jibran and his team remained determined and marched in, only to be stoned and beaten by a mob – but that didn’t make them lose their composure, either

“Inkey mustakbil ki dua kero, parhe likhay, nokri keray, nafrat aur mar pitai nahi,” said Jibran after being attacked.

Source: S.M. Raza / Facebook


Jibran later took to Twitter to talk about more incidents which happened in the same day

They’ve been labelled as “Qadiyani Agents” by various parties as a move to defame


People have been rightfully concerned after the violence against a candidate of one of the most crucial constituencies in Karachi

Everyone’s rooting for the fight against bigotry, no matter how seemingly impossible it looks right now.

Some also pointed out the two extreme kind of candidates that we have around.

But all in all, people have been praying for him and are now rooting for him more than ever!

No one’s sure what the next three days will bring for Pakistan’s, and Karachi’s political landscape, but all people are hoping for is that people get together to bring the change that they all rightfully deserve.

What do you think about the incident? Let us know in the comments.


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