11 Of The Most Progressive Women In Pakistani Dramas

By Arslan Athar | 26 May, 2018

Pakistani TV dramas have seen quite a transformation in the past few years. Scripts have evolved and new talent has helped take the drama industry to new heights. This progression has also meant that female characters, in the past few years, have grown to become stronger and more assertive with their beliefs. So, here’s a list of the most progressive female characters we’ve seen in the past few years.

1. Bano from ‘Dastaan’ 

Bano is a character that stands up for what she believes is right. Life may have been hard on her, however, she perseveres and goes from challenge to challenge.

Source: HUM TV

2. Qandeel Baloch from ‘Baaghi’ 

Even in her life, Qandeel Baloch was a controversial figure, however, the drama based on her life showed us many facets of her life and it showed us many progressive and strong she was a woman.

Source: Urdu 1

3. Kashaf from ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’

Kashaf was someone who knew what they wanted to do with life, and no matter what happened to her, she kept herself upright, collected and strong. Kashaf is one of the few characters who has been so very logical and mindful of her all what’s happening in her life.

Source: HUM TV

4. Sajida from ‘Udaari’ 

Sajida literally fights off her husband to save her daughter from him. She runs away from all what she knows; her home, her village, and her family. She sets up her own business and creates a whole new life for her and her child. Even when her past catches up with her, she stands tall and defends herself, all the way to her victory.

Source: HUM TV

5. Saba from ‘Meri Zaat Zara E Benishaan’ 

Saba has to deal with a conniving saas, an untrusting husband and a family that can’t even look her in the eye, yet she picks herself up and lives her life. Yes, life is NOT easy for her but she never lets that get to her. She raises a beautiful daughter and leads a simple life till she passes away silently.

Source: ARY Digital

6. Anmol from ‘Dil Lagi’ 

Is there really any reason why we must justify adding Anmol to this list. Anmol stands in the way of Mohid, and essentially saves her family

Source: ARY Digital

7. Mishal from ‘Besharam’

Mishal is a model who really stands on her own. She knows who she is and she understands her morals and beliefs. Mishal is fierce and is not afraid of telling it how it is.

Source: Six Sigma Plus

8. Unaiza from ‘Woh Aik Pal’ 

Unaiza loses her husband and is faced with a future of being a single mother, which in Pakistani society, is not the best place you want to be. Unaiza’s character is different in that she teaches us that you don’t have to be loud to be progressive. She holds her own throughout the show and doesn’t act rash; she really thinks through everything she does, and really doesn’t give a damn about what society thinks

Source: HUM TV

9. Zubia from ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ 

Zubia has to deal with an abusive father and the guilt of possibly being the reason behind her mother’s death. She fights all odds to follow her passion of being a doctor and despite all the hate, she makes it to working at a hospital.

Source: HUM TV

10. Shameen from ‘Sang E Mar Mar’ 

Shameem is the family matriarch and is someone who serves as a support system for all the children in the family. We constantly see her being there for everyone and giving the family advice. She proves herself to be the family pillar of strength.

Source: HUM TV

11. Farida from ‘Digest Writer’ 

Farida comes from a low economic class yet she dreams big. She dreams of pursuing her dream of being a writer, yet her family constantly tells her not to do so. She finds a way, via a pen name, to follow her passion and eventually she makes it big as a writer.

Source: HUM TV

Was there any progressive female we left from this list? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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