11 Tharki “Frandship” Messages I’ve Received On Facebook That I’m 110% Sure You Have Too

By Momina Naveed | 26 May, 2018

Aah, Facebook. It’s the place where tharki men lurk, looking for unsuspecting women to unleash their undeniable affection on. That too, right after zooming in into the depths of their profile pictures.

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This has happened to me waaay too many times and in no way does this mean that I’m haseen (Momina tou hoon, atleast, Mustehsan na sahi.) it just means I’m too lazy to tweak my privacy settings. So, here are some of the most WTF messages I’ve received. And I’m pretty sure most Pakistani women will be able to say, “Haan yaar, iss tarah ke frandship messages toh mujhe bhi aye hain:” 


1. There’s the guy who misses you too much, even if he may not know you.

Via: Messenger

Aajaon gi bhayee. Hosla rakhein.


2. Then, there’s the well-wisher.

Via: Messenger

I’m all good, hunni.


3. Of course, there’s the dil ka connection guy

Via: Messenger

Yeah, so is everyone’s crush; if only that was how the world worked *sigh*.


4. Let’s not forget the interrogator.

Via: Messenger

Two words: knock knock.


5. Here, we find another fine specimen: the pedaishi pyaasa

Via: Messenger


Karo wait. 


6. Of course, there’s the guy who’s TOTALLY not a creep *wink wink*

Via: Messenger

How about reach out to someone, you know, in person?


7. Oooh, then there’s everyone’s favorite: the fuckboy.

Via: Messenger



8. Phir woh bhi honge jo aap ko help center samajhte hain.

Via: Messenger

I mean, I don’t rent rooms and I don’t have jaidaad I can give you to live on. Back off.


9. There’s the guy who will flatter you…or try to. 

Via: Messenger

Oh no, it’s just “a-pic”. Get it?


10. There’s aap ka apna Devdas

Via: Messenger

O zaalimaaaaa.


11. And finally, there’s the one who’ll try to pretend to know you. But he doesn’t.

Via: Messenger


I’m sure for some of us, the struggles are far worse. But I mean I really don’t understand what these people have in mind when they’re hitting up random women. Do they think something along the lines of, “Damn, I just sent that text, the girl is mine?” Or do they just have way too much time on their hands? Whatever the case, please sudhar jao and let us, women, live in peace. Aisay pyaar nahi hota. Aisay jail hoti hai. 

Do you have your own screenshots to share? We’d love to see them, LOL. Share away!


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