Prime Minister Imran Khan Helping This 16-Year-Old With Her Cancer Treatment Is The Best Eid Gift

By Sannia Bilal | 22 Aug, 2018

So, turns out that our newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan is watching morning shows and taking action when he sees someone needing help, already. Wondering what exactly happened, sit back and keep a tissue at hand because this heartwarming story may leak a tear or two from your eyes.


Mehak Anwar is a 16 year old Table Tennis player who has been representing Pakistan internationally

Source: SAMAA TV / Youtube


This little girl has won several trophies and medals for Pakistan

Source: SAMAA TV / Youtube

Mehak belongs to one of the less fortunate households in the country. About 5 months ago, she returned home from an official tour only to be greeted by the deadly disease of cancer. Following her diagnosis, she has had to endure the pain of not only getting a mediocre treatment, but also annihilating her love for the sport. She’s willing to fight the disease but doesn’t have a choice due to lack of resources.


Owing to her need to get a better treatment, recently, she appeared on a morning show, where Sanam Baloch, the host, called for help from her viewers

Furthermore, Mehak’s father recorded an appeal to the Prime Minister saying that he needs to get a better treatment for his daughter who has been representing Pakistan internationally and has brought honor to the country in the form of multiple awards.

Not too long after the video was aired on local news channels, the Minister of Information Chaudry Fawad Hussein responded with a tweet saying that the PM has taken notice and has urged for immediate arrangements of required treatment for Mehak


People have mixed feelings about this move by the new PM

Some referred to him as a savior of the nation.


Others said his sense of responsibility is commendable.


While some said things should take their course without the PM or CM taking notice.


And some PML N fanbois just said he was copying Shahbaz Sharif



There are a few who have questioned if the implementation of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s orders is actually underway or not


It would be interesting to know whether such grand statements from politicians remain PR activities or if they really do change the lives of those who really need help.

With that being said, it is important to acknowledge that passionate players like Mehak are the future of Pakistan. We hope she gets the required treatment and fights her disease like the warrior that she is. All power to you, Mehak.


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