Prime Minister Imran Khan Just Met With The Brave Polio Worker Who Fought Bitter Cold Snow To Do His Duty

By Rameeza Ahmad | 31 Jan, 2019

Polio workers do not get enough credit, to be honest.

A video of a polio worker braving incredibly cold weather to make sure he reached children who needed to be vaccinated recently went viral.

As temperatures drop lower, the country’s northern regions grow colder and are experiencing some heavy snowfall, it gets harder and harder to access certain areas.

However, in this video, Irfan, a polio worker can be seen braving the cold winds and snow to get to children who need their polio vaccines.

People immediately were in awe of Irfan and his dedication to his job.

And of course, there were certain government officials who took notice of Irfan’s bravery and dedication as well, including Babar Atta who is Prime Minister Imran Khan’s focal person for polio.

He recognized and told everyone Irfan’s name.

And Babar Atta was not the only person who recognized Irfan’s dedication, Prime Minister Imran Khan himself met and appreciated Irfan.

He tweeted about Irfan and how he is one of the 260,000 people who are dedicated to eradicating polio from the country.

And people were ecstatic about Prime Minister Imran Khan recognizing Irfan.

It’s great to see the real heroes of Pakistan being appreciated by the Prime Minister himself. And truly, let’s hope polio is soon a thing of the past in Pakistan. And with people like Irfan at the helm of the initiative, I think I can believe that this might happen.

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