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A Plane Carrying 47 Passengers Including Junaid Jamshed Just Crashed Near Abbotabad

A Plane Carrying 47 Passengers Including Junaid Jamshed Just Crashed Near Abbotabad

An airplane carrying 47 passengers from Chitral to Islamabad just crashed near Pakistan Ordinance Factory, Havelian, according to news reports.



The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has reported that all 47 passengers aboard flight PK661 have persihed as a result of the crash. There were no survivors.

Dawn News confirms from Chitral Airport sources that among those passengers were Junaid Jamshed and his wife



As per Dawn News, global aviation watchdog Aviation Herald said that PK-661 crashed near Abbottabad due to engine problems and resources for rescue operations have been mobilized in order to determine any survivors.


A possible list of passengers has also been circulating on the internet

It shows seats 27 A and C being occupied by a Mrs. Nahya Junaid and Mr. Junaid Jamshed Khan, respectively. As per reports on Samaa TV, Junaid Jamshed’s brother confirmed that he was on the airplane.


Along with the singer and his family and 40 other passengers, it is being reported that there were at least 3 foreigners on board, as well.


PIA Spokesperson Danyal Gillani tweeted this detailed tweet about the possible situation, earlier


A few days ago, Junaid Jamshed had tweeted about his trip to Chitral


Friends of the singer-turned-religious scholar have been tweeting for his safety

Others are remembring all the passengers that were on board with him


For anyone looking to find updates on the airplane and passengers can contact at the PIA emergency helplines at the following numbers





Cover image via: wikimedia

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