Piiiiin Chor Se Hosheyar

By MangoBaaz Studio | 13 Oct, 2021

A smart bad guy has a one-in-ten chance of tricking you into sharing your pin! By good luck, Easypaisa has come up with a way to curb PIN CHORI.

Let’s face it – we’ve all answered that shady phone call from a next-door ‘banker,’ ‘government official,’ and also an ‘Easypaisa agent’ asking for our account PINs. While some of us were smart enough to figure out the scam underlying these phone calls, many have also fallen prey to the trap; revealing their PINs. Well well well…….things are about to change, because Easypaisa, the first tech organization in the whole-wide world has addressed the scam and identified these fraudsters and jaib katrays as the PIN CHORS – something that has never been done before. Well done, Easypaisa!

How does PIN CHORI happen?

Easypaisa sends a One Time Password (OTP), or a PIN code to the users after every transaction. Entering this OTP confirms the payment after which, the money is deducted from the account. The scammers, the fraudsters, the bad guys, the PIN CHORS are already aware, but unfortunately, most unsuspecting people are clueless.

A transaction is performed by the PIN CHOR from the user account, and once the OTP is sent to the registered contact number – the phone rings….tring tring….On the other side of the phone sits a PIN CHOR under the disguise of a bank employee or a security agent, persuading the user into telling the OTP PIN they just received.

Beware, users, DO NOT fall for this trap!

How has Easypaisa addressed the problem of PIN CHORI?

We’ve all heard of the advice, “sharing is caring,” and “it is good to share,” but this is not lunch, toys, or sweets we’re talking about; it is a matter of your OTP PIN – the confidential data that may be used to clean out thousands from your account – your bachay ki school fees, mehnat ki kamayi, bijli ke bills, and what not!



No organization, I repeat, no organization before Easypaisa had ever taken the matter into their own hands to raise awareness on a national level against the reality of PIN CHORI. This is pretty much real and happens every day. You are the smart one if you haven’t fallen for it yet, but many amongst yourselves fall victim to this scam. They will call you, and the request might go something like: “There’s a problem with your account. We need your PIN otherwise your account could get blocked,” or they could go like, “Humein apki account information confirm karni hai, jaldi se apni account PIN batayen.” Do not fall for it! PINs must remain CONFIDENTIAL.

Easypaisa has invested its time and resources into designing a strong cybersecurity framework and mechanism to protect its users against PIN CHORI.

This mechanism includes a special OTP for user protection, alongside the launch of a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the PIN a secret. Had it not been for Easypaisa, we would be weeping somewhere in a corner, regretting our encounter with the PIN CHOR. The campaign initiated by Easypaisa to raise awareness about PIN CHORI is a lifesaver. The organization has maintained strict internal checks to curb the scale of this scam. To commence a campaign addressing a grave financial fraud only for the security of people, and that too without making any profits out of it, Easypaisa has done a commendable job!

What’s the campaign about?


 Over the past decade, the payment and innovation leader has made lives a lot easier by providing payment solutions to people in one simple click. From recharging the phone to paying bills and sending money, Easypaisa has been a hero. However, the existence of a hero is pretty pointless without that of a villain – the PIN CHOR. These scammers are everywhere – always benefitting from people’s dearth of knowledge about tech security. This campaign aims to raise awareness about PIN CHORI. Without any further ado, let’s check out this hyped and exciting TVC!



Three cheers for Easypaisa for raising the issue that has long affected the lives of Pakistanis – the PIN CHORS.


This post is sponsored by Easypaisa.

Cover image via Easypaisa

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