Thanks To The Internet, This PIA Air Hostess Was Just Offered A Lead Role In A Movie

By Biya Haq | 26 Apr, 2018

Whether we love them, love to hate them or just hate them, PIA is always a major source of entertainment

It’s the bizarre moments,

Source: MangoBaaz

The questionable advertising,

Source: MangoBaaz

And…uhh… whatever this is:

Source: MangoBaaz

That makes PIA the gift that just keeps (and keeps, and keeps) giving.

But it seems this time, the airline is the one getting the chance to deliberately entertain us, and it’s pretty awesome.

YUP! You read that right.


A PIA air-hostess danced to the chart-topper, ‘Laila Main Laila,’  in celebration of a union referendum, our girl quite badass-ly,


Source: @KhatakShakil / Twitter


Reportedly, thanks to the video, the dancing caught the attention of Pakistani movie director, Masood Butt. Butt has previously directed a number of movies and as soon as he saw the clip of our pal Sadia of PIA (in the video), he reached out to her and offered her the role of the heroine in his upcoming film, ‘Paishi Gujran Di.


Sadia’s talents are genuinely making us say LIKE, NOT BAD PIA!

Here’s to us hoping that dancing on Insta Stories and Snapchat (for any of you guys who still use it) will get us discovered. Please.

Watch Sadia dance her worries away in the video below:


Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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