This Woman Has The Perfect Response To Those Who Think Menstruation Is A Taboo Not To Be Discussed

By Alveena Jadoon | 22 Feb, 2018

The ban on the release of Pad Man has opened up a very important debate in Pakistan.


People in Pakistan, mostly women, have become more open to discussing personal hygiene and are raising awareness regarding various aspects of menstruation

This includes menstrual hygiene, the use of sanitary napkins, tampons and cups, along with the need of making these products readily available to women in the society. At the same time, people are also addressing the idea of shame attached to this natural bodily function and want to urge people to be more open about it, so that an issue can be addressed.

We all bleed differently. Some bleed thick, others at a pad an hour. Some have crippling pain, others feel super low….

Posted by Girls at Dhabas on Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018


A post by Facebook user Mahmudul Amin was also immensely appreciated by many when he shared his experience trying to buy a sanitary pad

People applauded him for how he aptly pointed out how women are expected to hide all details regarding menstruation.

Couple of months ago, I visited a pharmacy to get sanitary napkins. The shopkeeper, with a judgmental stare on his face…

Posted by Mahmudul Amin on Freitag, 16. Februar 2018


Javaria, however, used the medium of a poem in order to highlight the issue

The poem is a wish that the boys of the generation are taught about the body and its functions, so that they don’t miss out the lecture on menstruation.

This will push them to understand how important it is to talk about these things and not label it as behayai because it’s basic education.


Many were quick to appreciate the effort and encourage more work from Javaria


No matter how awkward this makes you but it is very important to get to know about one’s own body


The fact that we conveniently cut out chapters of biology addressing the human body should be a cause of concern because it strengthens misconceptions. This is the reason that we have not been to do away with archaic notions. At the same time, a lesson in biology must be compulsory for everyone. No one should miss out on things that impact our daily lives and understanding our own body is certainly one of them.

More power to you all, let’s keep the debate running!


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