14 Dimaagh Kharab Karne Wali Things People In Advertising ALWAYS Hear From Their Clients

By Sahar Mullick | 22 Feb, 2018

“The client is always right” is a phrase that elevates the status of all clients, giving them the power to enter into areas they know nothing about.

Let’s face it, just because you have opinions, it doesn’t mean you’re right. Especially when those opinions aren’t backed by a degree, experience, or any aesthetic sense. I’ve spent 10+ years in advertising. Although products keep changing with enhanced formulas because the consumer is changing, a client NEVER changes. From the infamous ‘make the logo bigger’ mindset I bring to you lines that will take your BP for a rollercoaster ride.


1. “Think outside the box.”

Like [insert competitor name]’s ad does, in fact, can you make a concept just like that, but different? So original!

Via Deenga

2. “Why is there so much empty space? Khaali lag raha hai… put… something there.”

Okay, but what? Matlab aur kya daaloon?

Via Deenga

3. [After almost changing the entire ad] “Thoray se tou changes hain. Just send it over in an hour.”

Haan, main machine hoon. Theek pehchana.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

4. “Just download the logo from the internet, aur jo main ne word file bheji hai usko ley lo.”

Because it’s that simple.

Via Deenga

5. “I love it! Just change the colors, and move the headline to the right. Font chota, aur logo bara, and done!” 

Didn’t you say you loved it?!

Source: Oriental Films

6. “Yeh old aunty kaafi old lag rahi hai, can you make her look younger, but old still?”

Yeh stupid question kaafi stupid lag raha hai. 

Source: Hum Television Network


7. “We want the ad to look modern and expensive, but budget thora kam hai.”

We all want what we can’t have. It’s okay.

Source: AN Entertainment Pvt Ltd

8. “If you work on this project for free and win the team over, you’ll get the account.”

Yeah, no.

Source: Oriental Films


9. “The brand color is green. The hem on the model’s shirt is red. Sahi baith nahi raha with the brand.”

Are you for real?

Source: AN Entertainment Pvt Ltd


10. [3 weeks, and a 2-page word document worth of changes later] “Send these over aaj, need the boss to see this today and approve it.”

Again, machine hoon. Button dabayein, kaam miljayega. 

Source: Deenga

11. “Just Photoshop it and make her look sideways.”

If only.

Via Tumblr


12. “His hand is too white for an Asian man.”

Par uski asli skin hai. Kya karein?

source: Hum Network


13. “After I give you the approval, what can I still change?”

The advertisement company.

Via Tumblr


14. “Well, we have to say exactly this, but without actually saying it.”

Acha. Thanks for the clarity.

Source: Zambeel Films

These annoying exchanges with clients often make you wonder – is the client actually always right? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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