Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Is About To End, And Pakistanis Still Can't Decide Who Should Win

By MangoBaaz Studio | 15 Aug, 2019

This last week, Pepsi Battle of the Bands finalists, ‘Auj’ and ‘Aarish’ performed and gave it their all. After their performances, the voting process for who should win Pepsi Battle of the Bands begun.

Their first challenge was to perform their favorite original tracks and let’s just say, they weren’t making the final decision easy at all!

Aarish’ performed their original, ‘Umeed’. A mellow number, it nonetheless captivated the audiences and the judges. Next, ‘Auj’ took the stage to perform ‘Raat’. This performance got the band a standing ovation from Meesha Shafi, who also showered ‘Auj’ with compliments and praise.

Source: Pepsi Battle Of The Bands


Their next, and final challenge was to perform covers of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s iconic songs. 

This is a daunting task no matter how talented you are! The bands took the challenge in their stride and gave it their all.

Aarish’ chose to perform their rendition of ‘Halka Halka Suroor’, and put their own twist on it. They included the spoken word as well as EDM, to give it a whole new ‘modern feel’.

Auj’ performed ‘Sanware’ in their own signature style. With their powerful vocals and music, they truly brought new life to the song.

Source: Pepsi Battle of the Bands


After both bands performed, the voting period for the finale began, however, Pakistanis were left with a very hard decision to make. 

Who to choose between two such equally talented bands?

Source: CBC


Auj’ definitely has some strong support behind it. 


People are clearly in love with their songs and their vocals. 

And we don’t blame them.


They’ve won hearts nationwide.


Despite all the love, people still don’t who to vote for.


Fans are making up all sorts of theories to predict how this season will end. 


Matlab, now people are looking for suggestions!


Regardless, the finale is proving to be quite a difficult decision for most. 


However, according to some, no matter who wins, Pakistani music is the true winner.


Much like myself, I’m pretty sure you all are confused as well! 

Maybe watching the latest episode might help?


If you’re sure about who to vote for, this is how you can help your favorite band out:

To vote for Aarish SMS ‘AA’ to 8355. To vote for Auj SMS ‘AU’ to 8355. You can also go to their website, and vote there too! Another way is to download the ‘Pepsi Battle of the Bands’ app on the phone and vote for your favorite band.

Whatever you decide, you need to make sure that you’re voting by the 18th of August, because that’s the last day!

Who do you think will win this season of ‘Pepsi Battle of the Bands’? Let us know in the comments 🙂

The post is sponsored by Pepsi Pakistan. Cover Image Courtesy Pepsi Pakistan

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