13 Times You Used Food Instead Of A Love Letter To Share Your Feelings Because Khaana Toh Bahana Hai

By Mehwish A. W. | 10 Aug, 2019

Food is love, food is life, and in a desi household, food is much more than love and life. It is one of the most important means for the expression of love. In between mouthfuls of soups and salads, pakoray and parathey, love and care is spread. There are a lot of times food is the perfect excuse for you to say things you couldn’t use your words for. There can never be a more delicious expression of love than food, good food. The language of food is powerful and if you notice it, it works wonders.

Here are 13 times food works better than a love letter because after all khaana toh bahana hai the real point is to convey your true feelings:


1. When Mom cooks your favorite food when she feels you are sad

Desi Moms are the best in the world and they know it by your behavior when you are sad or down. Also, their cooking skills are beyond doubt the best. So, often instead of a hug, dear mom might prepare your favorite food to cheer and lift your mood up. And, btw khaana toh bas bahana hai, this is her way of conveying she is always looking out for you.


2. When the wife cook her husband’s favorite dish to apologize for getting angry at him in the morning

You and your husband had a small argument in the morning and now you want to tell your partner you are sorry. What’s better than cooking something he loves and saying sorry over dinner.


3. When your bae brings pizza from your favorite place to make up with you

Your partner is angry at you after a fight but you know what makes her happy! Pizza or Chinese food from her favorite place. Add some flowers and a smile to the whole package and she is sure to forgive you. After all, khana toh bahana hai but she can see how you made an effort to please her and show your love.

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4. When you’re ill and your bae especially learns to make soup and perhaizi khana for you

There are also times when you may get ill and your partner does all the caring. They make the perhaizi khana and soup for you and make sure that you take the medicines right on time.


5. When it’s your birthday and your lazy sister cooks something special for you

There are also times when your sister is the laziest person on this planet and she literally has to drag herself to the kitchen when mom asks her to make just the salad. But, when it’s your special day, she brings out her baking and cooking skills and surprise you with the food you love. Khana toh bahana hai per she loves you and that is just her way of making it special for you.


6. When bhai gets your favorite snack for you from his pocket money so you don’t rat him out to your parents

Your bhai may be the most kanjoos person in the world and you have to literally beg him to give you a birthday present but, every once in a while he might bring ice cream or chocolates for you from his pocket money and when he sees your surprised face, he might say it casually, dekh ke tum yaad agai toh le lya.

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7. When your sister shares her cake piece with you even though she loves it

There are also times when your sister shares her piece of cake with you even though she said it out aloud when she started it ye mera hai, koi is pe nazar na rakhey! 


8. When you pretend you don’t really care when your brother takes that last taang wali boti with the last serving of biryani that you had your eyes on

You were eyeing that boti since the last five minutes and were about to take that when your brother intercepts and transfers it into his plate. However, you simply pretend you don’t really care much about it.


9. When your best friend shares their lunch with you because they know how paitoo you are and that you’re definitely going to be hungry during class

Your dost knows you too well and he knows how much you get hungry during those boring lectures. Khana to bahana hai but they actually love you enough to care about keeping you from going hungry, and it’s their way of saying it.

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10. When you cook for your family paying special attention to all the perhaiz they are required to do

It is also love when you observe your loved ones’ dietary restrictions and preferences and keep them in mind when cooking for them. Then again all this cooking and khaana toh bahana hai, you’re basically showing how you love each member of your family equally that you remember everyone’s dietary preferences.


11. When mom makes pakoray on a rainy day

What comes first to the mind when it’s a rainy day? Of course garam garam pakoray! And, your mom knows it well too and she makes sure she satisfies your cravings. She might also want to go out and enjoy the rain but instead, she goes in the kitchen to make those yummy pakoray for you.


12. When you are craving for chai and your coworker brings it with some garma garam samosas without you even asking for it

There are also times when your mom, wife, husband, or grandchildren see you working and they feel you are craving for chai and make some for you. But as everyone knows khaana toh bahana hai, the snacking just brings everyone together and help you bond with each other.

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13. When Nano stocks all your favorite food as soon as she gets to know you are visiting

Desi nanis are awesome and they have their own way of expressing their love. They would make all kinds of delicious food for you as soon as they get to know that you are coming over and let you eat as much as you like but khaana toh bahana hai, this is your grandmother’s way of showing how she loves you so much she can’t stop spoiling you.

So, next time you want to express your feelings, try the language of food. You won’t be disappointed kyun k khana toh bahana hai asal mein to pyar dikhana hai! Have you ever used food to show your love to someone? Share your experiences in the comment section below.


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