People Hate Wajih From ‘Cheekh', But Have Mixed Feelings About The Show After The Latest Episode

By Arslan Athar | 13 May, 2019

Cheekh’ has taken a lot of turns over the past few weeks. From Wajih’s ever-increasing evil to Mannat and Shayan expecting their baby, the show has had us on a rollercoaster. The last episode ended with the trial for Nayab’s murder beginning and Wajih threatening Ramazan Chacha.


In the recent ‘Cheekh’ episode, Wajih’s reign of evil and madness continue and it takes a turn for the worse.

Wajih follows Mannat as she leaves her house to get something from a nearby store. He confronts her and repeats her line back to her, ‘meray saamne aa kar larho.’ He then commands Mannat to run home. She doesn’t take this seriously and begins her walk home until Wajih drives driving right behind her, forcing her to run. In Mannat’s attempt to get away, she falls and is immediately in loads of pain.

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Like what Wajih did with Mannat’s mom, he teases Mannat and watches over her as she toils in her pain before finally calling Shayan and ‘warning’ him. The scene cuts to the hospital where Shayan find out that as a result of her fall, Mannat had a miscarriage.

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The rest of the show deals with the grief and the pain both Mannat and Shayan go through. 

Mannat’s strength and will seem to be wavering for the first time in the show. Of course, Mannat’s grief is important and just as heartbreaking, however, the show focuses more on Shayan and that’s where it really gets sad. We often don’t think about the father’s reaction to such news, but the show deals with this theme perfectly.

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Shayan goes home and picks up a packet, the whole time you can see him crying. He finally goes to his brother Yawar, who opens the bag to see kid’s shoes in it. Apparently, Shayan had bought these years back at the mall for the family’s first child. He wanted to be a father so badly, and those shoes represented that desire for him. The miscarriage was enough of a tragedy for him to deal with, but to top it off, it was caused by his own younger brother, Wajih.

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People online are also feeling all the feels. 





And, of course, Wajih ko gaaliyan pari! 


People are also loving Shayan and Mannat’s dynamic in this episode as well.

This week, the show featured a lot of flashbacks to ‘happier’ times for the couple.


However, this person found some interesting faults in the episode.


Some people are bringing up an interesting point about the show’s current direction.

Wajih’s becoming bolder with his moves with every passing episode, making the possibility of justice prevailing seeming very unlikely.



Some are calling it a ‘drag’. 


Where do you stand on this? Is Wajih becoming way too bold and is the show beginning to lose its touch? There is merit to the argument that ‘Cheekh’ is dragging and that Wajih is getting a bit too powerful. It seems like that Wajih’s downfall will have to come from his family entirely going against him- Haya has now switched sides, and it seems very likely that Yawar will too. With the balance being totally out, this may be the change that allows for Wajih to fall in the hands of the law.

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