People Are Questioning Instagram Star Dr. Maha Shah's Death By Suicide, Saying She Was Actually Murdered

By Noor | 20 Aug, 2020

Maha Shah was found in her room under suspicious circumstances

Social media influencers have become an integral part of many people’s lives, with these influencers yielding a lot of power on their fans and followers. Anything that goes on in the lives of influencers is examined, talked about, debated and dissected a lot by people on social media. This is exactly what’s happening with one Instagram star who recently passed away.


Maha Shah, an Instagram influencer from Karachi, has passed away as a result of what authorities are labeling as a suicide attempt

According to reports, Maha, who also happens to be a doctor, locked herself in the washroom and committed suicide by shooting towards her head. It is also being said that the doctor was suffering from some domestic issues and also had a verbal disagreement with her father before she ended her life in a tragic manner.

While revealing the details about the case, the hospital administration has said, ” her brain cells were damaged in the incident as the bullet pierced through her head.”


As soon as the details of the death were shared, people on the social media called for an investigation into the details of the passing of Maha Shah


They claimed that the social media influencer was shot in the back of her head which can’t happen in the case of a suicide


A few claimed that there’s some room for suspiciousness as the body of Maha Shah was rushed to burial


A lot of the people also highlighted the importance of discussion around mental health and implied that the Instagrammer suffered from depression


It is, however, being asserted by the majority that the details regarding the case are deliberately not being shared and this case should be treated as a murder case

They even went on to share some personal details about the life of social media influencers. They claimed that the father allehedly did not want to own his daughter and the fiancé was allegedly an aggressive person who physically assaulted her.

Police have not issued an official statement regarding the matter and the hospital officials have only talked about the damage which was done to the body as a result of the shooting. The matter requires the immediate attention of the law enforcement agencies and the justice should be served.


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Cover image via: @mahaashah / Instagram

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